Worry-Free Holidays by Club Med ​

This Holiday Season, reconnect with your loved ones in a festive tropical or snowy paradise ​

What could be a better gift than ending the year on a high note?
Club Med is the perfect getaway to enjoy the magic of the holiday season, with total peace of mind. Enjoy festive activities and sports, local and international cuisine, and unique experiences designed to keep magic of the holidays alive. ​

So come and celebrate your favorite holiday at one of Club Med’s beach or ski resorts – where you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.​

Bring home togetherness​

Reconnect with your loved ones by enjoying sports and activities together​

• Festive Mini Club activities for our smallest G.Ms​
• Unwind with all-inclusive sports and activities with your friends and family​
• Connect with your family through our Club Med Amazing Family program where you can enjoy fun activities and games together* ​
• Share gifts and special wishes with your family ​

*Available in Cancun, Punta Cana, Caravelle, Québec, and Michès​

Bring home a taste of the holidays​

Feast on local and international cuisine to celebrate the holidays​

• Indulge in festive feasts at the biggest buffet of​ the year – prepared by our famed culinary teams​
• Enjoy traditional Christmas & Thanksgiving ​dishes like grilled seafood, turkey and other delicacies ​
• Festive cocktails​
• Of course, our French savoir-faire ensure the best pastries, breads, and mouth-watering delicacies

Bring home memories​

Dive into exciting festive experiences​

• Watch Santa and his friends arrive in style with gifts for children of all ages!​
• Evening shows performed by Club Med G.Os​
• Champagne towers to ring in the New Year​
• Celebrate within the colorful festive decorations and entertainment around the resort

Spooky Halloween at Club Med

Kids will be enchanted by the animations created for a spooky and memorable Halloween. Events include:

  • costume parades* with the little ones
  • haunted houses and spooky Halloween themed parties at night ​

Have a fang-tastic Halloween!​​

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