Full resort and exclusive collection (luxury) space buyouts

Exclusivity in paradise

A full resort buyout with Club Med is a unique and exclusive experience that provides complete privacy, customization, and enhanced team-building and productivity for your company or group. It's a great option for companies or groups that want a fully immersive and memorable experience that's tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Make the space your own

Privatizing a resort means being able to use the facilities as you wish. Hold your conventionin the theater, organize a cocktail party on the terrace facing the mountains, celebrate your success with a party around the pool... You are at home!

Personalize your image

Exclusivity means being free to design your convention. Decorate in your own colors, create a universe around your company's values... Give free rein to your ambitions! The result is a unique experience and exceptional emotions.

Enjoy at your own pace

Adapted schedules, choice of buffet theme... Within the framework of an exclusivity, you choose what you like and enjoy all our services at your own pace. The program is made to measure and according to your needs.

Why choose full resort buyout?

ALL INCLUDED: Everything is included in one convenient package.

EXCEPTIONAL DESTINATIONS: Each location provides unique and breathtaking scenery.

TAILOR MADE & A DEDICATED TEAM: Clients can create a unique and memorable event.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Unique architecture and décor that reflect the surrounding environment.

FOOD & BEVERAGE EXPERIENCE: Savor a variety of dishes and drinks. Customize your own menus as well!

EXCLUSIVITY: You have the entire resort to yourself, ensuring complete privacy and exclusivity for your group.

Events we've organized for full resort buyouts


"They truly went above and beyond to prepare"

"Ellen Schneider, Meaghan Wilson, Shira Chief of Village, Executive Chef, Landon and Marco and so many more of the GO's made this resort buyout spectacular for our guests! They truly went above and beyond to prepare, anticipate and serve our guests with exceptional customer care."

Visited Turkoise, Turcs & Caicos

Tisha F., from Olivia Cruises & Resorts

Our top destinations for your resort buyout

Conf capacity: 340Number of rooms: 501



Rent a our legendary sailing yacht

For your next event!

Host your company's event or group event in our Club Med 2 Sailing Yacht. For complete privacy and exclusivity, you will be able to enjoy with your teams the beauty of the seas and also a chance to discover different destinations at once. Personalize your event with our teams

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