Seychelles Highlights

Astonish every sense with this jewel in the Indian Ocean

• Ideal for romantic couples and families who simply want to chill
• Roam ancient forests to search for the world’s largest nut
• Fill your instagram feed with rare, colourful, endangered animals
• Watch a stunning sunset on cruise between hundreds of islands
• Enjoy the bustle, bargains and authentic food of Victoria Bazaar

What to expect in Seychelles:

A favorable climate all year round
Creole culture at the heart of your stay
Many activities for the whole family
Exceptional landscapes: from tropical forests to sandy beaches
A paradise for diving enthusiasts

Paradise vibes

From your Five Trident base at the heart of the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park, you can soak in a world of beauty and laid back attitudes. Spend hours lounging by the turquoise waters on pristine white beaches. Eat creole food fresh from the sea in charming little restaurants. Breathe in the scent of spice plantations and sigh at sights straight from a Gaugin painting.

Marine theatre

The seas around the Seychelles are a snorkeler's dream come true. Shoals of vibrant fish shimmer around you as you explore technicolor coral reefs and make friends with the rare hawksbill sea turtles, manta rays and whale sharks who call the islands their home. Dry off afterwards under a palm tree with a tropical cocktail in hand and your cares very far away.

Island hop

Jump on a ferry and explore an archipelago of lost islands and wonder. Arrive at the harbour of unspoiled La Digue, hire a bike and go on an adventure featuring idyllic beaches and rare birds such as the Paradise Flycatcher. Immerse yourself under the stunning waterfall on Praslin Island or hike through mangrove Forests then climb to the top of the magnificent Morne Seychellois.

Facts about Seychelles

Airport: Seychelles International Airport
Time Difference: +3 Hours
Currency: Maldivian Seychellois Rupee (SR)
Best months to visit: Apr to May & Oct to Nov
Well Known for: sublime beaches and great weather all year
Languages: English, French and Creole

Where to stay in the Seychelles?

Our Resort in the Seychelles

Our new luxury all inclusive Seychelles resort is perfect all year round, from beach holidays in Seychelles to discovering local attractions.


Immerse yourself in a real paradise of green and blue and explore the little islands set in the Indian Ocean and their tropical flowers. At the heart of the Seychelles archipelago and a protected national marine park, the island of Saint Anne is home to a single and unique hotel: the Club Med Seychelles Resort. Adults and children will awaken their inner Robinson Crusoe on a holiday in total harmony with nature and where many of the activities are directly connected to the Indian Ocean and its sublimely beautiful scenery. Trekking, free diving and glass-bottomed kayaks are just some of the pleasures that can be shared, all designed to promote well-being and induce happiness in every member of the family. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches edged with rocks, hills covered in lush vegetation - looks like you've found the backdrop to your next holiday.

Travel Guide to the Seychelles

What to see and do in the Seychelles

Perfect weather all year round, Seychelles boasts glorious sunshine and average highs of 84ºF all year round. The best time to visit Seychelles is between April and May or October to November when the weather is dry with high averages in temperature.

To discover in Seychelles:

All-inclusive stay in the Seychelles

from the rainforest to the coral reef

The hundred or so islands of the Seychelles are like so many pearls in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Wild but welcoming, nature flourishes here. Your all-inclusive stay in the Seychelles allows you to encounter, in the heart of the Vallée de Mai, a primitive forest similar to those that covered the planet millions of years ago. After having climbed the Morne Seychellois, the highest point of the archipelago at an altitude of more than 900m, dive into the ocean to discover, in the waters of the Sainte-Anne marine park, multicolored corals, giant turtles and peaceful sharks.

Creole history to the rhythm of nature

During an all-inclusive stay in the Seychelles, discover Creole culture, intimately linked to nature.

On the island of Mahé, Victoria, the country's capital, the fish market, where the whole ocean seems to have gathered, is a must-see in the destination, ideal for stocking up for lunch. savor the taste of fruits and the scent of spices, take the direction of the King's Garden. This old property, dating from the colonial era, is surrounded by a veritable garden of wonders, made of sugar cane, vanilla plants, guavas, mangoes ...
Colors that also amaze on the facade of the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar temple, a must-see during your stay in the Seychelles. The only Hindu temple in the archipelago, it proves that while the inhabitants of the Seychelles are proud of their culture, they are no less open to others.

All-inclusive vacations in the Seychelles

experience an island hopping odyssey

It's impossible to have an all-inclusive stay in the Seychelles without embarking on a sailing cruise or, for the more sporty, rowing. Each has its own identity and calls for travel.

Praslin is famous for its giant coconut palms and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sit down to enjoy the fine sand and turquoise waters.
La Digue, barely a few kilometers wide, has retained an authentic and unusual character; the oxcarts regularly overtaking the giant tortoises ...
Head out to sea to admire, a hundred kilometers from Mahé, the tiny Bird Island, where thousands of sea swallows come all year round.

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