Club Med revamps teen holidays with two brand-new programs: Club Med Teens and Chill Pass.

Your tickets are booked, your Resort awaits you, and your bags are almost packed. But what about your teenagers? If they're feeling less than enthusiastic about a family holiday, we've got great news. Club Med Teens and Chill Pass are here to offer them a holiday like no other.
Tailored to each age group's desires, these programs offer something exciting for every (young) member to enjoy, letting them be themselves. After introductions, teens can participate in new-and-improved group games and workshops that combine creativity with boldness. This is followed by themed nights where their personalities can truly shine. It's a holiday that encourages bonding and self-discovery, as much for teens as for adults!

Fun for everyone

Newly Crafted Experiences for Ages 11-17

Exclusive to select resorts, we present tailored adventures for 11-13 and 14-17-year-olds. Fulfill their desires with specially designed activities. Unforgettable moments await at our resorts!

*at select resorts

Group Synergy

Elevate your experience with a range of engaging activities tailored to cultivate strong social connections among our valued members. From ice breaker games that break down barriers to challenges that bring out creativity, and even daring challenges that push you out of your comfort zone.

Escape the Ordinary

Elevate your teen's day with unique volleyball, inflatable water courses, outdoor challenges, and more. Watch them immerse in the moment, phones forgotten. Say goodbye to routine and hello to vibrant, active experiences!

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With Exclusive Collection Space



Unforeseen Moments

Unleash a realm of sports, games with twists, novel playstyles, and surprising challenges. One rule: Have fun! Club Med's goal is to engage your teen with fresh experiences, rekindling their enthusiasm like never before.

Unveil Their Talents on Stage

The week's end might unveil a star! Teens can choose to dazzle in talent shows, dance, and more. Club Med counselors boost their confidence, nurturing creativity and setting the stage for their shining moment. Witness their brilliance take center stage!

Unleash the Ice-breaker Adventure

New faces? No problem. Our Teens Club makes connecting a breeze. Engaging question games and partner activities set the stage for those special friendships to bloom.

Nighttime Bliss, Just for Them

Step into a world of dedicated delights. Laser tag, evening parties, ping-pong under the stars, and movie nights await in exclusive zones. Let them revel in the magic of nights tailored for their enjoyment.

Unleash Creative Passion

Nurture their souls through art. Creative lounges filled with DIY art projects, acrylic and watercolor paints, and more await teens at Club Med. Ignite imagination and let their artistic spirits soar!

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Our kids pricing is hard to beat

Every young mind deserves a vacation they’ll never forget. That’s why Club Med offers discounts for every age range. Choose your dream family-friendly resort around the world and start making memories today!

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