Brazil all-inclusive resorts

A Brazilian vacation with the sound of the Samba

Choose the perfect all-inclusive Club Med resort for a fabulous vacation in Brazil. Tropical beaches, samba and the country’s fanatical passion for football make Brazil one of the most vibrant, lively and fascinating destinations on earth. From the rain forests of the Amazon to the white-sand beaches of Bahia, Brazil welcomes the intrepid with the tangy zest of a caipirinha and the elegant ritual of the capoeira. A perfect all-inclusive vacation destination...tudo bom!

What awaits you in Brazil:

Discover the local culture
A wilderness lover's paradise
A tropical climate all year round
Fine sandy beaches as far as the eye can see
Activities for the whole family

Rio Das Pedras

Just a stone's throw from Rio de Janeiro, you'll find yourself in the heart of nature. Rio Das Pedras is an Eco Resort in the Mata Atlantica, a superb, preserved ecosystem that borders on ocean and forest alike. Rio Das Pedras Club Med is an architectural jewel that welcomes you for an all-inclusive Brazilian holiday with the sound of the Samba ringing in your ears. Tudo Bem!
Discover La Réserve, the Exclusive Collection Space, within the Rio das Pedras Resort. An ideal choice for those who want to combine privacy, privileged, customised service and luxury comfort, with the warm and friendly Club Med spirit.

Lake Paradise

Lake Paradise Resort is the ideal destination to recharge your batteries as you enjoy an all-inclusive nature holiday in the peace of the Brazilian countryside. Relax by the pool, sail on Represa Taiacupeba Lake or try your swing at the Golf School. Lake Paradise Club Med is a green paradise just one hour from Sao Paulo.


With its splendid golf course perched on the clifftops overlooking the ocean, Trancoso Club Med is an authentic and out-of-the-ordinary destination. Off the beaten track, its vast beach completes the picture, with all you could wish for in an all-inclusive family holiday in Brazil with the accent on sport, exoticism and relaxation.

A stay in Brazil: all-inclusive rhythm and sun

Mixed, authentic and festive: Brazil welcomes you to its tropical jungle and colorful cities. To the rhythm of the samba, opt for the escape of a stay in Brazil.

Discover Brazil

All-inclusive immersion with your stay in Brazil

Brazil has a diverse nature : tropical forest, coastline, oceanic archipelago...

  • In the south of the country, discover this imposing nature: the spectacular Iguaçu Falls , these 275 waterfalls located between Brazil and Argentina, impress with their power.
  • Equally masterful: set foot in the Amazon , the largest rainforest in the world. From Manaus, follow in the footsteps of adventurers and evolve in this enveloping jungle, endowed with approximately 400 billion trees.
  • After the effort, find the comfort of a cruise on the “Balade carioca” circuit , in the islands of the Bay of Paraty: dream beaches and calm seas complete your all-inclusive stay in Brazil.

Nature getaways in town

After this intense change of scenery, set off for a “Getaway to Rio”, 1h45 from your Rio Das Pedras resort.
The city also has cool oases! From its height of 38m, Mount Corcovado , on which sits the statue of Christ the Redeemer , is one of the symbols of Rio. Another famous peak in Brazil, the Sugar Loaf is about fifteen kilometers from the historic center of Rio. Rising above the sea, it offers a breathtaking panorama of Guanabara Bay.
And if for you an all-inclusive stay in Brazil rhymes with relaxation, a tanning session and a refreshing caipirinha, go, like a real Carioca, to the mythical beach of Copacabana .


Stay in Brazil: everything is included in the local culture

During your stay, also take the time to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture, mixed and festive.

In Salvador de Bahia , stroll between the houses with colorful facades of the old colonial district, Pelourinho.
10km away, take advantage of your stay in Brazil to taste specialties such as acarajés, fried donuts, in one of the restaurants around Pituba beach . Finally, head for São Paulo and Ibirapuera Park, 1 hour from your Club Med Lake Paradise resort. Created during the 400th anniversary of the city by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, it opens eyes to the modern face of the country.


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