Club Med for kids

aged 4 to 10

They'll have so much fun

they won't want to leave!

Take full advantage of an all inclusive vacation with kids thanks to Mini Club Med. We’ve created Mini Club Med® just for 4 to 10 year olds, a kid’s version of Club Med that’s just as amazing as the grown-up one. Available through the Club Med offer: spac...

Welcome to Mini Club Med®

sharing, discovery, and emulation

The Mini Club Med® experience adapts both to your children's ages and to their continually blossoming personalities. Divided into three age groups (4-5 years, 6-7 years, and 8-10 years), kids will explore activities organised by the G.Os® each day accordi...

Is it time for lunch yet?

at Mini Club Med® or by your side

At Mini Club Med®, everything is arranged so that guests take their meals and snacks in the company of G.Os® at the Baby Restaurant. But you’re also free to spend this time with your child: nothing is mandatory. Our Chefs take extra care to develop dishes...

Shared moments between parents and children

fun activities to share as a family

Shows, snacks, dance and cooking classes, sporting tournaments…Organised by Mini Club Med’s® G.Os®, these moments allow parents and kids to rediscover one another by taking part in activities together. You might get to see your little boy lose all his shy...

Lessons à la carte

Little athletes, this is for you!

Just like adults, kids can enjoy our à la carte sporting lessons to explore or expand their passions during their school vacations. These classes feature reasonably-sized groups (less than 10 children), a playful approach, and dozens of different lessons ...