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Our Resorts could not have been accepted, nor integrated harmoniously and sustainably, without a deep spirit of respect and responsibility toward our host countries. The presence of a Club Med resort has an economic and social impact on a region thanks to local employment, transfers of know-how, purchases, and more. Now, we seek to go further in developing these benefits.

Solidarity at the heart of our actions, with the Club Med Foundation

Club Med, a pioneer in commitment

Happiness: The more we share it, the more we receive it.
It is from this conviction that the Club Med Foundation was born in 1978.
Today, over 40 years later, it is one of the oldest Foundations created by a private company.
As a pioneer in community development, The Club Med Foundation was one of the first to encourage the involvement of employees in solidarity projects, as well as the recycling of reformed materials.

The Foundation,

Local Solidarity Activator

Today, the Club Med Foundation continues to move forward by leveraging the time and skills of our teams as well as the entire Club Med value chain to benefit local associations.

The foundation offers financial support, develops relationships with local suppliers, donates equipment and stays, lends our resort infrastructure, and encourages the commitment of employees and guests as community partners.
The foundation is committed to two priority criteria when selecting partners: their effectiveness in their actions and their proximity to our Club Med sites:

Vulnerable youth:

to facilitate access to education and recreation for all

In 2019:

  • 19 key partners in social or educational action supported over time
  • 430 children accompanied in 8 sports schools
  • 6 young people taken on internships or hired as part of the trade bridges
  • 2,700 children were welcomed at the 36 Resorts planetary tea
  • 6 dreams of sick children realized

The Worldwide Snack

Every year Club Med invites children from neighboring associations and schools to spend a day at the Resort. In 2019 the 20th Worldwide Snack welcomed over 2700 children to 36 Resorts around the globe for an unforgettable day filled with fun, games, food, and more. This year, on June 29th, Club Med was proud to relaunch this tradition for the first time since the pandemic.

Making wishes come true

Since 2014, Club Med has welcomed critically ill children identified by Petits Princes Association and Make-A-Wish International to fulfill their dreams, such as meeting Santa, skiing, or going to the beach for the first time. Each dream is magical and reflects the child's personality, bringing the Club Med spirit, joy, and hope to the family and the child.

A holiday at the heart of the action

More and more of you want to help the Foundation in its actions. It is quite possible: The Foundation offers many ways to contribute to its efforts.

Here are some examples:

The Green Farmers program

Since 2008, we have a partnership with AGRISUD to promote local, rural agriculture and agro-ecology near our resorts. This original program aims to support the creation of very small viable and sustainable agricultural enterprises around our sites.
Almost 500 producers have already been trained in the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture and assisted in the economic management of their production. As a result, they can access new markets, such as Club Med, and look to the future more serenely.

Through this program, our guests have access to tasty, fresh, local, healthy, and meaningful products that are found daily in our restaurants.

Since 2010, nearly 300 tons of agroecological products have been purchased from local farmers through the project worldwide.

Wherever we are located, Club Med is an active contributor to the regional economy. In Cap Skirring, Senegal, Agrisud and Club Med have been accompanying nearly 180 market gardeners to enable them to supply the village with agro-ecological products for the past ten years.

With the pandemic, we didn't want local people to be further weakened by the closure of our Resorts. The Club Med Foundation therefore decided to buy some of the produce of the 180 vegetable gardeners who usually supply the Resort to redistribute it in the form of fruit and vegetable baskets to nearly 700 vulnerable families.

Our 8 Resorts are part of the program

Healthy Food for all Diets

We offer areas dedicated to healthy, organic, vegan, and vegetarian food in our buffets.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices, a salad bar, homemade granolas, vegetarian dishes, vegan desserts, plant-based milks, gluten-free bread, annd much more await you, no matter your dietary needs.

All our Resorts with a Healthy Corner

Local employment and procurement

Nearly 75% of Club Med jobs filled locally.

Because of the variety of activities offered in a Club Med Resort, the number of jobs created there is higher than in the traditional hotel industry.

On average, 86% of the purchases (goods and materials) made by a Resort are made from suppliers in the country where it is located.
While some of these purchases, which cannot be accurately estimated, come from imports made by the local supplier itself, this average nevertheless reflects Club Med’s willingness to work as much as possible with local partners, producers or distributors.

Combating child abuse

in tourism with ECPAT

  • Support to local associations for the care of street children (social and family reintegration).
  • Prevention of child sex tourism with ECPAT since 2005.
  • Raising awareness among G.M traveling to sensitive countries.

Since 2008, the Responsible Traveler Charter has been posted or distributed to encourage G.M. to discover and respect the nature, culture and hosts of the host country.
The G.M. are also sensitized through posters placed in the rooms.

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