Club Med for kids

aged 2 to 3

Little ones deserve big vacations

and you, the utmost in serenity

Ideal kids club for age 2 to 3, Petit Club Med will let you enjoy your all inclusive vacation with your kids at best. Starting with Petit Club Med® during the day and ending with the Pyjamas Club® childcare service at night, with a lunch break adapted to ...

Club Med All Inclusive Vacation With Kids From 2 to 3 Years Old

where they can discover the world and learn about others

We’ve created a Club Med especially for our smaller guests so they can have just as much fun as their parents! Called “Petit Club Med®”, it offers children aged 2-3 age-appropriate activities featuring sports, crafts, expression, and games. Supervised by ...

Familiar with the Baby Gym?

on offer: games and motor skills

Let’s get to it! An escapade around the mini-trampoline, then it’s off to the play mat and its contrasting textures...Nothing beats a fun and colorful motor function technique for learning coordination and balance, finding one’s bearings, understanding ho...

Tiny taste buds become great ones

we take as much care in preparing their meals as we do your own

Less salt, a mix of textures, a healthy balance (and no fish bones): our chefs take the specific needs and likings of children into consideration. And as for the time and place, that’s entirely up to you:

- The Baby-Corner: a corner buffet designed for o...

In need of childcare?

We're there for you, day and night

As parents, we sometimes want to spend some time without the kids, such as on a night out made just for two. You can choose between two different childcare options, depending on your family resort:

- The “Pyjamas Club®”: collective childcare organised by...