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Explore family-friendly Senegal destinations

Plan your vacation with Club Med all-inclusive resorts in Africa. Lap up the country’s rich heritage and fantastic tropical beaches when you visit our majestic, family-friendly Senegal destinations. Our luxury all inclusive Senegal vacations are completely hassle-free and are perfect for all the family, all year round. From golf vacations in Cap Skirring, to activity vacations in the lush pine forest, our Senegal vacation resorts have it all. Browse our all-inclusive Senegal vacations & get yourself ready for the sunshine!

What to expect in Senegal:

Discover Senegal
Admire the country's flora and fauna
Golfer's paradise
A gastronomy with rich and varied flavors
Exceptional landscapes

Our All-Inclusive Resort

Cap Skirring

Cap Skirring Club Med, in the south of Senegal, sits between the ocean and a wonderfully lush coconut grove. The Resort's thatched bungalows are a timeless setting for an all-inclusive, totally relaxing holiday in Senegal. The typically African ambience alongside a vast sandy beach is a surefire guarantee of a fabulous new holiday experience.

Discover Senegal:

In wild Senegal, have an adventurous stay

Senegal is a wild land. Discover the treasures of this beautiful country:

Aboard a pirogue, head from your Club Med Cap Skirring resort to the Saloum delta to take in its landscapes. This ecosystem of shell mounds, mangroves and baobabs offers endless exploration in an authentic natural environment.
At the northern end of Senegal, fly to the Djoudj National Park , the third ornithological park in the world, where more than 3 million birds pass through.
From there, reach the Lompoul desert in 3 hours . Spread over barely 18km², the desert offers an impressive spectacle of dunes 30m to 50m high and, from their peaks, a unique panorama.


The rhythm of the tides and the fishermen

Leave the isolated landscapes of your stay in Senegal and discover the Senegalese culture.

Discover the Serer people in the small village of Dassilamé . It is bordered by a mangrove, and shellfish fishing is still the main activity there today. Because beyond a heritage, Senegal, renowned for the richness of its coastline and its rivers, is a fishing country.
In Guet Ndar, the fishermen's district of Saint-Louis , the thousands of canoes anchored to the river offer a compendium of authenticity to your all-inclusive stay in Senegal.


All-inclusive Senegal: your relaxing stay and activities

If the landscapes and traditions invite contemplation, they also call for relaxation. Senegalese beaches enjoy calm waters and mild temperatures for most of the year.

In Dakar, it is in the bay of Ngor , facing the fishermen's huts, that you will discover one of the most popular spots for surfers.
A stone's throw from your Club Med Cap Skirring resort , choose your leisure activities according to the elements: keep your feet on the ground and tread the 9-hole Cap Skirring Golf course ; or direct your gaze towards the ocean, where the borders are made of fresh water and sea water, to indulge in sport fishing and hope to bring back a barracuda...


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