Exclusive Collection, the art of living

Balancing tradition and modernity, Club Med 2 is reinventing the travel experience.

With five masts, 2,700 square meters of teak deck, mahogany rails and 184 cabins designed with simplicity and sophistication in mind, this human-sized sailing yacht echoes a time when cruises were synonymous with luxury, calmness and pleasure.

There are four guiding principles on board:
wellness, a festive spirit, a bond with the ocean and the delight of discovery.

Its modest size and shallow draft allow it to drop anchor in waters the giants of the seas would never dream of venturing into: an invitation to sail along the waves and the sea breezes of the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas and discover them under a new light.

Our Luxury all-inclusive concept

Exclusive premium concierge service

Dedicated premium areas for Exclusive Collection guests only

Exclusive premium services w/ private transfer from/to resort

Breakfast room service in Deluxe rooms and Suites

Daily champagne service at 6 P.M.

Luxurious rooms with more space & amazing views

Where to sail?

Summer and Fall Cruises

The pleasure of discovering a new destination every morning...

All-Inclusive by Club Med

§ Gourmet restaurants​
§ Sports & Activities
§ Bar & Snacks​
§ Entertainment & Shows​

Benefits on board the Club Med 2

§ Comfortable cabins: bedding, Sothys-branded amenities, high-quality furnishings
§ Concierge service
§ Two salt-water pools
§ A nautical hall with direct access to watersports from the hull of the boat
§ Champagne served by the glass daily, from 6PM
§ A more premium selection of all-inclusive wines and spirits
§ Bistronomic menus designed with our partner Ferrandi at the Monte-Carlo Restaurant
§ A new destination every day
§ Beacher (shuttle boat) service to shore when at anchorage
§ The largest sailing boat in the world!

Must try activities on board the Club Med 2

Discover a new sailing yacht from winter 2024!

Major renovations

§ Complete renovation of the welcome area, the Yacht Club Lounge (previously the Pacific Lounge)
§ Complete renovation of the Magellan Restaurant which becomes the Monte-Carlo
§ Renovation of all teak decks (2700sqm)
§ New cardio training equipment in the Fitness Room
§ New sails
§ The Saint Barth and the Cannes Bars -previously the Albatros and the Venise- completely redesigned
§ And so much more to discover !


Club Med 2 - The Legendary French Sailing Yacht

Learn More about the winter summer season 2024

Our themed cruises

Our themed cruises for an enhanced experience on board

Live your passion on a cruise, while enjoying the exclusive Club Med 2 service and activities offered on board. Different cruises to suit all tastes!

Discover our cruises for families, golfers, relaxation, culture and astronomy enthusiasts.

Club Med 2, an invitation to travel

3 types of cruises for you to choose from

Cast off for a long weekend or a weekday getaway with the mini cruises in spring and autumn, or follow the famous explorers for a greater change of scenery with the transatlantic and long-distance cruises!

Whatever the formula, enjoy the absolute calm, well-being, and the discoveries on land...

Looking to spend the winter in the sun? Sail along the Caribbean islands.

Christmas or New Year's Eve in exceptional locations

Want to treat yourself to a unique winter experience under the Caribbean sun? Club Med welcomes you aboard its sailing yacht for a luxury winter cruise. Escape to the Virgin Islands and the famous island of Saint-Barth during a 7 days or more cruise. Take advantage of several stopovers to visit Saint-Martin, Barbuda and many other paradisiacal destinations.


Why not head for the Mediterranean for your next vacation?

Ideal destinations for a luxury cruise

The Mediterranean coasts are among the most beautiful in the world. South of France, Corsica, Italy and the Balearic Islands: the Mediterranean is full of treasures to discover. Whether you want to treat yourself to a short stay or a ten-day trip, Club Med suggests different itineraries during our exceptional Mediterranean cruises


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