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Relax and discover a different way of traveling.

Let yourself be surprised by a cruise adventure! Club Med 2 is a unique travel experience in which you'll get to board on a stupendous sailboat. You'll never get tired of its perfect blend of idleness, activities and discoveries. You will be impressed by its decoration and its one of a kind atmosphere. Don't hesitate any longer... lets sail away together!

Our Caribbean Winter Cruises

In the middle of winter, nothing is more precious than the Caribbean sun, its beaches, its flavors and its colors. During your cruise trip, the treasure hunt is open: discover paradisaical islands like Grenada, Marie-Galante, Curacao... or explore confidential stopovers like Panama. The Club Med 2 will make sure to bring you to the most beautiful sites and jewels of the Caribbean. Every day, you will discover new cultures and bring home new memories! Ready to escape the cold?

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Our Winter 2019/2020 cruises

Our winter 2020/2021 cruises

Our summer Mediterranean Cruises

Sail as close as possible to the Mediterranean coast for an all-inclusive cruise. Discover the pearls of the Mediterranean: Italy, Corsica or Greece and its many islands. The rocks of the Meteors, the unmissable Santorini and its breathtaking sights, or Heraklion and its Cretan charm. The voyagers will stop over in the small islands of the Cyclades or in mythical cities like Calvi or Capri. Which place will you choose?

Our Summer 2020 & 2021 cruises

Mini cruises

Cast off for a long weekend or a weekday getaway on the world's largest sailboat. By boarding on our all-inclusive cruise, you will be able to relax, discover new sports, and be entertained by the day & night shows ashore.


Welcome aboard to an exceptional five-masted ship

Equipped with large teak decks dedicated to walking, this five-masted boat is as intimate as it is friendly. Discover spacious cabins with a view of the water and relax at Club Med Spa. Part-taking in our numerous activities will ensure you the most beautiful stay on our cruise!

An exceptional five-mast

Club Med 2, with its sleek silhouette and contemporary design combining ocean tones and noble materials, remains true to the great marine tradition. With its small capacity and shallow draught, the sailboat takes you to exclusive ports and anchorages, where others don't go.

A unique atmosphere

Sheltered by its 5 sails, you can enjoy gourmet meals at generous and intimate spaces along its teak decks. Our Sailboat knows how to remain friendly and cultivate the Club Med spirit.

Activities for everyone

Sea lovers can meet at the stern of the sailboat for some unforgettable water activities, or go to the fitness room for a workout facing the sea while training with our certified G.O®. Take some time for yourself and end the day by visiting our Club Med Spa by CARITA®.

All cruise lovers welcomed!

Live your passion during a cruise while enjoying the exclusive Club Med 2 service and activities that are offered on board. Our golf and family cruises are made to satisfy everyone's desires.

Our golf cruises

Stop over on the most prestigious courses in the Mediterranean thanks to the golf pack* which includes up to 5 green fees. Supervised by 1 to 2 PGA professionals, you will benefit from a total care service which includes bags, shuttle, and golf carts. Let's not forget the non-Golfers who can enjoy many land and water activities!

*additional cost


Our family cruises

During school vacation, our G.Os® supervise the youngsters throughout the day. With our endless activities within the spirit of Club Med, everything is planned. This way, parents can relax and enjoy greater freedom!