All inclusive vacations in Quebec

Discover Quebec's natural wonders during the four seasons

  • Stunning waterfront views on the St Lawrence river
  • A large choice of runs and hiking trails for all levels
  • The greatest vertical drop East of the Rockies
  • The country’s largest annual snowfall: 6.5m (21.3 ft)
  • An exceptional 4.6 miles-long sled run in winter
  • 16.7 miles of biking trails to discover in summer

Spring, Summer and Fall experience

Quebec Charlevoix

Enjoy Canada’s great outdoors at Club Med Québec Charlevoix. Immersed in the unspoiled natural landscape of Charlevoix, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the resort offers guests of all ages an invitation to explore the colors and the magic of the region. From dazzling views and family activities to all-inclusive mountain biking and hiking experiences designed to enjoy the great outdoors, the resort is guaranteed to enchant all of its guests with the magic of Québec.

Winter experience

Quebec Charlevoix

Club Med's first North American Mountain Resort, where sea and mountains meet, is located in the Charlevoix Region in Québec. The resort offers a ski experience that will impress even the most experienced skiers. Architecturally designed with a contemporary and traditional Canadian style, our Resort is perched in the heart of the region, immersed in the unspoiled natural landscape with amazing views of the St. Lawrence River. A wide array of activities are offered year-round to experience the region's ever-changing landscape, with each season with trails for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.

Four seasons worth of adventure

Each season offers its adventure. 1 resort - 4 different seasons

Discovering Québec in spring

Springtime in Québec means experiencing four seasons in a single day. The snow is melting, the sun feels warmer, the maple sap is flowing…. Each year, Quebec seems to go from snow to sun in just a matter of minutes, and nature puts on a unique performance, with colorful displays springing up everywhere
It’s the perfect time for observing the greater snow geese coming back on their yearly migration at Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area, or exploring the province’s beautiful cities and towns. And let’s not forget, heading to a sugar shack to delect yourself from everything maple!


Discovering Québec in summer

Warm temperatures and great outdoors make for exceptional adventures. The enthusiasm is palpable during this dynamic season, when it’s time to relax, explore and savor the summer in all its forms.
For stunning panoramas and outdoor activities, Quebec is the place to be. Nature lovers will get a thrill out of hiking, biking, kayaking or even rock climbing*!


Discovering Québec in autumn

In the fall, Quebec’s landscapes unveil their rich colors. From orange-yellows to blazing reds, nature dons its fineries for our enjoyment, while slow our pace to better observe the metamorphosis.
Fall’s comforting savors, smells and sights will leave you lasting memories.
From whales in the St. Lawrence river to moose in the parks, the fall in the perfect time for observing animals, who sometimes out of curiosity come say hello to visitors.


Discovering Québec in winter

In winter, the resort offers a ski experience that will impress even the most experienced skiers. Canada stunning mountains offer one of the longest ski-ing seasons in the world and some of the most dramatic vistas. Winter sports fans will find a huge variety of thrills with powder that’s famed for its freshness. Those who want culture to go with their escapades can explore fine arts, fabulous cuisine and cosy inns where winter nights fly by to the sound of laughter and music.


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