Stay informed, protected & stress-free

with Club Med

In the unlikely event of a hurricane impacting GMs while they are in a village, Club Med will offer GMs a Future Travel Certificate (FTC) for the value of the land portion of their vacation for the number of nights impacted by a Category One or higher hurricane force winds.

  • GMs do not need to call in after their trip to request their Future Travel Certificate. This will be automatically handled by Guest Relations.

  • This has no affect on and is not a part of the CSA (USA)/TuGo (CAD)/Axa policy included in the membership.

  • This is not additional insurance. This is a GUARANTEE provided to all GMs at no additional cost.

  • FTC’s can be used at all villages

  • Club Med will extend FTC’s to those affected by hurricane force winds, in conjunction with a named storm, during their village stay, however, NO cash compensation will be offered.

For example – A single GM going to Turkoise pays $1,400.00 for their land stay for 7 nights. During two of those nights, there are hurricane force winds. The GM will receive a $400 FTC.

Terms and Conditions: The Hurricane Protection Program is subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Future Travel Certificates for the land value of the stay will be issued for each day during which the village is impacted by hurricane force winds in connection with a named storm (Category 1 or higher), as measured by the local