Highlights of Sicily

Discover a different pace of life in this Mediterranean hideaway

· Perfect for family holidays and romantic getaways
· Wander the Greek and Roman ruins of Syracuse
· Visit the Greek theatre of Taormina
· Climb up the volcanic Mt Etna
· Taste local marsala wines and limoncello

Golden islands

For unspoilt views and authentic Mediterranean living, look no further. The golden islands of Sicily are perfect for family holidays and romantic getaways. Explore ancient ruins, enjoy beachside fun with your kids, or rent a car and drive up into the hillsides and discover rolling vineyards, sleepy villages and coastal towns where life runs at a more relaxed pace.

Historic hillsides

Sicily is home to a wealth of Greek and Roman ruins, perfect for an adventure back into the past. Take the family on a tour of the ancient ruins of Syracuse, visit the astounding Temple of Concordia in Agrigento, climb the slopes of a live volcano on Mount Etna or travel to Taormina’s ancient Greek theatre for amazing clifftop views and stunning live.

Harmonic flavours

Sicilian cuisine is rich with seafood, flavoured with Mediterranean, Spanish and Arabic influences and the islands’ famous lemons. Snack on arancini and saracena olives as you wander round the countryside, or treat the kids to Sicily’s best desserts. Try sweet cannoli, cassata cake, almond and pine nut biscuits, and refreshing granita.

Our all-inclusive resorts in Sicily

The climate in Sicily holiday destinations can vary depending on when you choose to take your European break. Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island and is located less than 100 miles from the coast of North Africa, from where it reaps the benefits of warm weather. In spring and summer, visitors to Sicily can enjoy eight to eleven hours of sunshine per day and the average temperate, even in winter, very rarely falls below 10°C.


Nestled atop rugged cliffs overlooking the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, Club Med's Cefalù Resort in Sicily is the perfect spot for an exceptional all-inclusive holiday devoted to exploring Sicilian lifestyle, unwinding and recharging your batteries.

Discover Sicily

More than an open-air museum, Sicily is a distinctive land where history is written every day under the Mediterranean sun

History and legends - it's all included in the tale of your holidays in Sicily

A vacation full of discoveries and ancient treasures in Sicily

Start your adventure in the flamboyant Palermo. The island's largest city has been marked by conquests, at the hands of Greeks, Romans and Normans. Head for the Palace of the Normans, which stands as one of the finest examples of Arab-Norman architecture. During your holiday in Sicily, discover the island's ancient past and visit the Villa Romana del Casale. This Roman villa, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is noteworthy for its remarkably well-preserved** mosaics** and decorations. Another treasure: Syracuse and the island of Ortigia. 1 hour 45 minutes from your Club Med Kamarina resort, the Ancient Greek influences in its theatre, the Baroque style of its churches and the charm of its picturesque narrow streets intermingle on the island. A condensed version of Sicily to be visited as part of your cruise aboard the Club Med 2.

An island of character and fine food

Your discovery of Sicily is also a discovery of its cuisine. On the west coast, in Cefalù, let the local specialities tempt you. During your all inclusive holiday in Sicily, snack on arancini, stuffed balls of rice, or dine on cuttlefish ink spaghetti at a table in front of the cathedral. Pair your meal with a glass of Nero d’Avola, a red wine from the slopes of Etna. In Catania, at the foot of the mountain, continue your holiday in Sicily with a mouth-watering stroll through the fish market. The local fishermen sell their catch here with a cheekiness fit for a commedia dell’arte. Sicilian lemons are famous throughout Europe and found in many local dishes.

Between islands and volcanoes

visit the island as part of your holidays in Sicily

With the Mediterranean as a backdrop, Sicily is a distinguished seaside destination. During your holidays in Sicily, stop off in Cefalù: the beach there offers exceptional views up to the top of the village. For a more thrilling experience, 2 hours from your Club Med Kamarina resort, brave the lunar slopes of Etna, where cones and craters are constantly venting steam. Another active volcano, Stromboli, is a place of heavenly landscapes with the Aeolian Islands and Forgia Vecchia beach in the background. Sicily is also about the art of taking one's time.

Top Things To Do In Italy With Kids

Here are our top five

Whether it’s the coast or the Alps, the tranquil Mediterranean paradise of Italy is the perfect place to relax, unwind and soak up much needed sun. It’s also the ideal destination for adventures with the kids, creating memories that will last a lifetime. With its rustic charm, breath-taking scenery, lashings of culture, adventurous pursuits and modern marvels, Italy is ready to captivate travellers young and old.

Top 5 activities with kids in Sicily & Italy

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