Introducing Miches,Dominican Republic


An exclusive 5§ resort in the Caribbean

The first of its kind, by Club Med - the all-inclusive pioneer.

Continuing its 68-year legacy of pioneering destinations worldwide, Club Med is developing a resort in Miches, Dominican Republic, marking the company’s first Caribbean project in 25 years. This all-inclusive resort will be the first 5§ Exclusive Collecti...

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Rich with unique natural wonders and breathtaking views

An unspoiled eco-chic haven

Nestled in a lush Dominican palm grove.

This captivating destination is sure to quickly become one of your favorite vacation spots in the Caribbean. Be the first to set foot on this untouched, pristine bay, tucked away in the tropical canopies of the Dominican Republic.

Miches is a pristine ecological haven in a lush Dominican palm Grove. It is situated 60 miles from the Punta Cana International Airport, easily accessible via a scenic highway with captivating mountain views. This hidden paradise features miles of untouched tranquil coastlines with unique natural gems. The unmatched beauty of this region will surely catapult Club Med Michès to the top of your travel bucket-list.

Local wonders provide various opportunities for guests to discover new breathtaking sights and activities, such as: Laguna Limon, a nature reserve with stunning waterfalls; Samaná Bay, a group of protected islands with native flora and wildlife, and is a well-known site for humpback whale watching; as well as Montaña Redonda, a rounded mountain with 360-degree views of the surrounding flourishing landscape, known for its photo-famous swing (as seen above).

Discover Michès

The latest addition to our Exclusive Collection

The ultimate luxury experience

With a touch of our legendary spirit and multicultural conviviality.

Discover Michès, a family-friendly all-inclusive resort set alongside a pristine shoreline rich with unique natural wonders. This resort will be the latest addition to Club Med’s Exclusive Collection, and will feature a sophisticated blend of unparalleled...

Club Med Michès will be the company’s exclusive collection flagship resort in the Caribbean. The 93-acre resort will offer unparalleled service by the dedicated resort team; ensuring guests receive an elevated vacation experience, fortifying the resort’s exclusive and intimate nature. Travelers can expect to enjoy upscale accommodations in an eco-chic atmosphere, unique architecture, refined dining, modern lounge spaces, a culturally immersive excursion program, as well as rejuvenating spa and wellness services.

The resort will also feature a boutique resort-within-a-resort concept to ensure guests of all types, such as couples and families, receive a customized active vacation pertaining to their needs and interests. Club Med Michès will include adult-exclusive areas (a concept currently present at Zen Oasis in our Punta Cana resort), our world-class children’s clubs (from 4-17 years of age), and a wide variety of land and water sports.

Club Med

The all-inclusive pioneer

World renowned for our pioneering spirit

Currently expanding our portfolio with more than 15 new resorts by 2020.

Club Med is an expert in crafting carefully designed and customized vacations for every type of family. With more than 65 resorts worldwide, including beachside resorts, ski mountain resorts, and private villas and chalets, Club Med continues to expand it...

Since 1950, Club Med has been known for continually improving its product offering to exceed customer expectations and offer new experiences to its international clientele. Club Med was the first to build a resort in Cancun Mexico in 1976 and in Punta Cana in 1978, among other sought-after destinations. Shortly after the opening of our Punta Cana resort, Club Med constructed the first commercial airstrip in Punta Cana, giving travelers easy access to this newly developed region.

The world-wide recognition of these popular vacation hot-spots are a direct result of Club Med’s efforts to market these destinations, communicate their cultural riches / beautiful lands, and make them easily accessible to the public. Each Club Med resort features authentic local style and comfortably upscale accommodations, superior sports activities, enriched children’s programs, gourmet dining, and legendary hospitality provided by our friendly and energetic multi-cultural staff. Club Med operated in more than 30 countries and will continue to expand its reach in the coming years.

What's included in your stay:

  • Full-board Gourmet Cuisine

  • Children Clubs for ages 4-17

  • Unlimited water & land sports

  • Open bar & snacking

  • Day & Night Entertainment

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