Taste the joys of snorkeling in the best dive sites in the world

While snorkeling, you can also explore the ocean floor with lighting equipment. Immerse the family in a magnificent world below the surface, diving at the beach or from the deck of a boat.

Discover the marine depths at your leisure

Have you ever tried snorkeling? Equipped with a mask, snorkel, and flippers, explore the marine life at your leisure. If it's chilly, think of renting a wetsuit for a more comfortable outing.

You can discover the local marine life by snorkeling just below the surface. Hold your breath and take a quick dive down to admire the tropical fish. When you come up for air, blow into your snorkel to get rid of excess water.

Below the surface, you'll relax to the sound of silence and take in the full beauty of this marine environment. Follow a school of fish, get up close and personal with an anemone, gently tone your muscles by swimming, and work on your breathing.

With Club Med Resorts all over the world, you can go snorkeling at the beach or during a boat trip. Equipment is provided or available for rent, and depending on your destination, you can take snorkeling lessons with state-certified professionals.*

*At extra cost

Free dive at the most beautiful beaches in the world

Treat yourself to a snorkeling vacation in some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world.

The Kani Resort in the Maldives features a fun underwater trail that is perfect for learning more about the marine life* of the Indian Ocean (guests aged 8 and older). Meanwhile, the Pointe aux Canonniers Resort on Mauritius Island offers snorkeling lessons to guests aged 8 and over (equipment included).

Snorkeling in the Caribbean and the Bahamas: at Club Meds in Cancun, Mexico, and Guadeloupe, you'll find white sand beaches, coconut trees, and the freedom to snorkel at your leisure (from age 8). At Punta Cana, kids aged 8 and older will find real-life Nemos!* On Columbus Island, you may find the water a bit chilly (min 77°F between January and April) but can always rent a wetsuit.*

*At extra cost

Go on a boat trip and snorkel further out to sea

Enjoy a day at sea with some snorkeling by hopping on the Club Med 2, our legendary 5-masted schooner. Thanks to its high keel, this large white schooner can anchor close to well-hidden spots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

From Antigua to Nevis, Virgin Gorda, and Anguilla, a gentle current guides you from spot to spot while the boat is moored nearby. Discover the most beautiful natural marine treasures in the world in lukewarm seas, your flippers on and ready.

While staying at Club Med Gregolimano in Greece, you can catch a boat to the island of Euboea. Sit back on a sunny jetty and watch a wealth of marine life swirl beneath your feet.

Hop on a traditional Turkish caique and discover pristine creeks around Bodrum. Swim through crystal clear waters and duck your head below the surface to watch lionfish and parrot fish (from age 8).