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Indulge in pure winter bliss amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes with Club Med. We will handle everything, from lift tickets and group lessons to slope-side dining and kids' activities, so all you have to worry about is relishing the thrill of skiing and making unforgettable memories.

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Food specialties around the world

The European Alps


In the pantheon of mountain dishes, fondue is an unmissable classic. From the Savoy region, it's a tasty blend of three cheeses: Emmental, Comté and Beaufort. Gather around the caquelon and plunge in a piece of meat, bread or potato.


With the Savoy region so close to Switzerland, it's only natural that another legendary recipe has crossed the border. As convivial as fondue, Savoyard raclette is also a must-try after a snow day. Legend even has it that the first raclette was created as early as 1290. Indulge in the Savoy cheese, melted and grilled horizontally using a traditional appliance.


Inspired by a rustic recipe called péla, tartiflette is a little more recent than raclette and fondue. It's made with potatoes, bacon, white wine and the star ingredient, cheese. While there are now variations on the traditional recipe, such as morbiflette, made with morbier cheese, purists will tell you that tartiflette is made with reblochon cheese from the Thônes valley.



In Japan, the Sahoro Hokkaido Resort awakens your senses at Daichi, with generous buffets featuring international cuisine and Japanese specialties. In our Tomamu Hokkaido resort's restaurant, the traditions of the island of Hokkaido take center stage with nabe, a traditional dish halfway between fondue and pot-au-feu.


At Club Med’s resorts in China, guests will be introduced to the flavors of the Guilin province with the Hot Pot, a traditional fondue made from meat, seafood and vegetables, served at Club Med Beidahu Resort's specialty restaurant.


Canadian delicacies

At Club Med Quebec Charlevoix Resort, our Chefs have designed a tantalizing menu to incorporate locally-sourced ingredients such as wild fish, berries and maple syrup-inspired desserts to provide a truly authentic dining experience.


Club Med Quebec Charlevoix's team also invite you to taste the regions’ ultimate local delicacy Poutine, a dish that combines fries with cheese and brown gravy.

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