Mini Club Med + this summer

To be happy, bond, and blossom with confidence

Launching in July 2022, the Mini Club’s existing childcare programming will evolve to offer even more engaging, fun-filled and educational activities.​

Introducing Mini Club Med+:
✓ Activities focusing on 6 strengths that help children blossom: creativity, cooperation, courage, connection, cheerfulness and self-confidence.​

✓ Programming designed to cultivate creativity, emotional growth and invaluable social and communication skills.​

✓ New programming compliments the Mini Club Med’s existing programming: Mini Club Show, organized sports, games, mealtimes and so much more.​

✓ Supervision by trained G.Os.​
✓ Included in your package for children from 4 to 10 years old.​

Our Top 3 to discover the Mini Club Med +

Unleash the Power of Play​

To learn in fun and make memories together

​At Club Med, family vacations offer the perfect environment for kids to embark on a new adventure.​

Our resorts have created a playground where children can make new friends, experience the freedom of childhood, share unforgettable family time, and so much more.​

To feed the limitless imagination of children and their desire to learn and play, we have enhanced our existing Mini Club programming with even more interactive activities.

Through Mini Club Med +, our trained G.O.s are committed to engaging with the kids and fostering their unique strengths around six pillars: Creativity, Confidence, Connection, Cheerfulness, Courage and Cooperation. All vital tools needed to be happy, to connect with others, and to grow up with full confidence in themselves.​

Mini Club Med classics revisited​

To keep and enhance the best of them​

Mini Club Med’s Pioneering Activities – Revisited
​Keeping them entertained and having fun!

To ensure kids have a vacation of their own, we have revisited them, and taken a fresh look on how to better enhance their experience.
Mini tennis, flying trapeze lessons and the world-famous Mini Club show have always been the pride and joy of Club Med’s children’s club activities – and will always be on offer.

5 values preparing children for the future inspired by Positive Education framework​