Set off into the sun with L'Esprit Libre

Club Med takes care of everything from the start

Can't wait to find out what your first day of vacation at Club Med will be like? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your arrival

Your arrival

When you arrive at the Resort, our G.O® team will welcome you with a smile from 3 p.m. For early arrivals, lunch can be provided*.

*At an extra cost

The Check-in

At the Resort reception desk, pick up your Club Med digital wristband (or Club Med Pass* card), which will serve as your room key as well as a means of payment for "à la carte" services. Via your customer account before your stay or on arrival at the Resort, you can enter your bank details to use your wristband throughout your stay.

*Depending on the Resort

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"A la carte" services

When you arrive, take advantage of the opportunity to book a table at a specialty restaurant, a spa treatment or an excursion to discover the destination.
The Club Med digital bracelet (or Club Med Pass* card) lets you pay for your "à la carte" services (spa treatments, boutique purchases, etc.) with complete freedom.

*Depending on the resort

Reserve In Advance


Enrolment is stress-free at Club Med!

Private sports lessons, kids' clubs... everything is done directly at the resort, and quickly, especially if you've pre-registered with Easy Arrival. That's the Club Med difference, so you can make the most of your vacation right from the start!

Find out more about the Easy Arrival service

Restaurants & Drinks

Ψ At your resort's restaurant, the buffet formula combining local dishes, international recipes and revisited classics will delight every taste bud!
Ψ The Resort bar offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, as well as sweet and savory treats at key times of the day.
Ψ Enjoy a late breakfast*, a snack or a plated evening menu in our Gourmet Lounge or specialty restaurant. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed!

*Available by resort

The festive spirit by Club Med

The Club Med spirit also includes festive moments that are a must throughout your stay:
Ψ Crazy Signs, Club Med's easy-to-remember choreography.
Ψ The snack, a moment of conviviality for young and old with sweet treats.
Ψ The pre-dinner aperitif, often accompanied by live music or entertainment.
Ψ Club Med shows, as well as those put on by your children or teenagers at the end of the week. And don't forget the evenings on the dance floor!
Ψ In some resorts, you can join our Garden Party, where the chic, trendy atmosphere is guaranteed.

Where to get information?

Ψ At the reception of your Resort: open 24 hours a day and from the Guest Relations team, available at any time of the day, in most of our Resorts
Ψ On digital information screens or online display panels Resort
Ψ On My Club Med App: your mobile application to download to find information in real time.

And the day of departure?

Make the most of your stay right up to the last moment
Ψ Your room must be vacated by 10 a.m.
Ψ Luggage storage* is available for your luggage.
Ψ Breakfast is included

*Available at most of our Resorts

What to pack for your trip?

Everything you need

For Adults

✔️ Towels
✔️ Shower gel and shampoo
✔️ Pool towels if available
✔️ Sports equipment available with activities

✔️ Your identity papers: they will be asked for on arrival
✔️ Clothing/shoes suitable for the warm climate: swimwear (bathing suits, swim trunks, or wetsuit), swimsuit cover-ups, light, breathable shirts/pants/shorts, hat, flip-flops, sandals or tennis shoes
✔️ Sun protection: sunscreen with a high SPF (preferably waterproof), a sun hat, sunglasses category 3 or 4, and after-sun lotion
✔️ A beach bag, large tote, or backpack to carry essentials like water and sunscreen
✔️ A water bottle to stay hydrated under the sun, during your activities and throughout your stay
✔️ Psssst... take a look at the app if you want to dress in the theme of the evening: elegant, white, bohemian, casual chic, etc.

Everything you need

For Your Kids

✔️ Towels
✔️ Shower gel and shampoo
✔️ Pool towels if available
✔️ Sports equipment available with activities
✔️ Children's equipment^: baby bathtub, changing mat, cot with mattress, bottle warmer, sleeping bag, diaper garbage can, stroller, step stroller, potty, non-slip shower mat, bed rail, baby food available at the restaurant

✔️ Their identification papers
✔️ Their health booklet (with proof of updated regulatory vaccinations)
✔️ A medical certificate of non-contraindication to life in a community (established just before arrival at the Resort, mandatory up to 5 years old)
✔️ Clothing/shoes suitable for the warm climate: swimwear (bathing suits, swim trunks, or wetsuit), swimsuit cover-ups, light, breathable shirts/pants/shorts, hat, flip-flops, sandals or tennis shoes
✔️ Sun protection: sunscreen with a high SPF (1 tube per child), a hat or cap, sunglasses category 3 or 4, and after-sun lotion
✔️ A small bag to carry their things for the day, without forgetting their favorite blanket or stuffed animal, baby powder, insect repellent, and slippers or indoor shoes for more comfort
✔️ Disposable diapers, regular and for swimming (mandatory in our pools for children under 3 years old)

^Available depending on the resort

Discover the Great Members Loyalty Program

Congratulations! You're now part of our loyalty program. After your first stay at Club Med, you'll enjoy all the benefits that come with this status.

How does the program work?
Each status is earned according to the time spent at Club Med or the amount spent by your household over the last three years.
There are four status levels:
Ψ Turquoise
Ψ Silver
Ψ Gold
Ψ Platinum

Your personal space
To discover the advantages of your status and track your progress, log on to your personal space on with your GM number or e-mail address.

Access My Account

Learn the Club Med Lingo

A unique language for a memorable experience.

Great Members, Village, Chief of Village; these terms are unique to Club Med and used world wide at all of our resorts. Discover all the words that will soon be part of your daily life.


Your home away from home.

"Village" is what we sometimes call our resorts because they're so private, safe, and intimate - and also due to the sense of community and family among our guests.

Chief of Village

The Orchestrator

Is the resort manager who oversees the on-site team and day-to-day affairs of the resort. You will sometimes also hear G.O.'s refer to them as "Chef de Village".

Great Members

a.k.a "G.M."

The term "G.M." is loosely translated from the original French as "Genteel Members" but we more commonly us the term "Great Members" to refer to our amazing guests.

Gracious Organizers

a.k.a "G.O."

This is what we call our on-site resort staff, who are considered the heart and soul of the Club Med experience. They will keep you entertained with exciting programs, activities, and events.

Crazy Signs

Get ready to dance!

Crazy signs are our choreographed dance numbers that are easy to learn and fun for everyone. They're a unique part of Club Med's festive spirit that you may participate in. Just ask a G.O. to teach you!

Theme Nights

Get ready for some fun!

Invite G.M.'s to mirror the special dress codes that our G.O.'s wear to our evening entertainment and parties. It's entirely up to you, but it's definitely a fun way to share the Club Med spirit with G.O.'s.

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