Discover Wellness Fusion by Club Med

Wellness Fusion by Club Med offers a harmonious blend of wellness experiences combining nutrition, active sports, yoga & meditation, spa relaxation, and a true nature reconnection, for an all-inclusive peace of mind vacation.

Indulge in a perfect blend of wellness experiences

Escape to Club Med Cancun in Mexico for a serene vacation featuring white sand beaches, yoga, water sports, and healthy gourmet dining. Enjoy over 20 hours of weekly Yoga & Meditation, cultural experiences like the Temazcal Ritual, and soothing spa treatments with stunning views. Unwind with signature events including Wellness Night and the peaceful Sunset Ritual.

A Journey to Reconnect with Yourself

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness.” Jon Kabat-Zinn
Club Med Cancun offers a diverse range of yoga classes to cater to different preferences and needs. Along with the traditional yoga classes, Club Med Cancun provide also new variations like aqua yoga, couples yoga, family yoga, yin-restorative yoga, meditation and wellness nights. These variations add an extra dimension to your practice and allow you to explore different aspects of yoga.
Whether you wish to feel relaxed, empowered or inspired, there’s a class for everyone!

Wellness Nights

Temporarily Unavailable

Indulge in acts of self-awareness, self-reflection and peace to end the day in complete relaxation.

Couples Yoga

Enhance trust and communication with couples’ yoga, where two individuals support each other in poses, strengthening posture and connection.

Family Yoga

Engage the whole family in a shared yoga experience, creating a space for bonding, relaxation, and playfulness.

Aqua Yoga

Temporarily Unavailable

Experience aqua yoga for a seamless practice suitable for all fitness levels.