Price includes

Included in your offer are a selection of refreshing drinks and sweet and savoury snacks, so you don't have to worry about carrying your wallet around with you. Choose from a selection of sodas, cocktails with and without alcohol, and water. Staff are on hand to make you a nice hot drink if you're feeling a little chilly. Local wines and spirits can be found as well as an international selection.

With supplement

Certain drinks are not included in your offer. VSOP, XO spirits and luxury champagne are all available. If you're in a hurry then certain Resort vending machines offer bottled and canned drinks which can also be acquired from the Club Med Boutique. A la carte wines can be found in the Resort restaurants and bars, as well as a selection of drinks from super-premium brands.

The Lanterna

Happiness is great company in a beautiful setting. La Lanterna provides the atmosphere, and we trust that you'll take care of the first part! The bar's many comfortable seating areas, great views, and understated but elegant decor make it a great place to connect with loved ones all day long.

The Dolce Vita

The good life is yours for the taking at Le Dolce Vita, an exclusive lounge bar on the 2nd floor of the resort. This cosy, intimate space has an inviting and friendly atmosphere despite its upscale décor. You'll love the many quiet corners to settle in with friends or that special someone.


Our chefs push themselves to the limit and let their creative juices flow in order to cook you up unforgettable dishes. As you sit at your table and admire the impeccable table art, you will smell and taste delicious food all night long. It's safe to say that you won't go to bed hungry.

Il Piemonte

Il Piemonte is just the place to come after a good day out on the slopes. With traditional Italian mountain cuisine, tasteful décor and stunning views of the mountains, what more could you possibly want? Make sure you try some of the local specialities while you're here! With the buffet, you can choose exactly what you want, so it's completely up to you. Go ahead!

The Tana

La Tana provides you with the genuine Italian dining experience. Here, you'll find mountain speciality dishes such as fondue and pierrade. To top it off, the restaurant also boasts wine tasting opportunities. Our friendly and helpful staff are on hand to help you choose exactly what you want, and the wine to go with it for the full Italian experience.

The Trattoria

At Pragelato Vialattea, the choice of restaurants is astounding. La Trattoria is no different, and offers the same amount of choice and quality as every other establishment in the resort. You can come here for lunch, and enjoy a pizza, salad or some pasta. For evening meals, you'll need to book at Reception. Once you have, come along and enjoy an authentic Italian atmosphere complete with live music. You'll love it here!

The Mollino Chalet

You'll find the Chalet Mollino at an altitude of 2300m, which makes it perfect for lunch after a good morning of skiing. Traditional mountain architecture is combined with the best of modern technology to create a restaurant which is ideal for the modern skier. The traditional dishes and friendly staff create a fantastic atmosphere which will make you want to come back again and again!