Price includes

Refreshing drinks such as water, fruit juices for the kids, cocktails with and without alcohol for the parents and an array of hot drinks are all included in your offer. If you're looking for a taste of local flavour, then opt for local spirits and wines to really immerse yourself in the culture. An international selection is also available as well as sweet and savoury snacks.

With supplement

Some drinks on the Resort are not included in your offer such as à la carte wines and champagne when you treat yourself to a nice meal, and drinks from super-premium brands. Vending machines are placed around some Resorts where you can pick up bottled and canned drinks all day and night (also from Club Med Boutiques). VSOP and XO spirits also come at an additional cost.

The Aiguille Grive

Your Club Med vacation is your chance to do exactly what you please. At the expansive l'Aiguille Grive bar, you have a wide variety of options to suit your every whim. Try the beautifully appointed terrace for stunning views or cosy into one of the intimate lounges for quiet relaxation. If you're in the mood to party, the dance floor is moving and shaking until well into the night!

The Varet

The gleaming surface of the bar at Le Varet perfectly complements the natural feel of its walls in brick, stone, and wood panelling. Warm colours, soft lighting, and furnishings designed for comfort ensure a cosy evening, whilst the extensive cocktail lists invites you to expand your palate. Go ahead - you're on vacation!


Creative cuisine and delicious food is of utmost importance here at Club Med. Our chefs go out of their way to serve you wonderful local/international cuisine in a fabulous atmosphere. Impeccable table art will bring your table to life and you'll just have to sit back, relax and let the food and staff do the rest.

The Vanoise

La Vanoise is perfect for meals at any time of day. As well delicious dishes, you'll also enjoy the delightful view of the mountains and the Resort. You can decide to stay indoors and bask in the convivial atmosphere, or, if the weather's nice, sit out on the terrace and face the peaks. For parents, there is a Baby Corner for meal preparation, and high chairs and booster cushions for the little ones.

The Pierra Menta

Here you can enjoy the best of regional Savoyard mountain cuisine, such as fondue and pierrade. It's delicious comfort food, born from the hard mountain winters and perfect after a day of outdoors adventures. The Pierra Menta restaurant is open during the evenings, and invites you to relax in the cosy, friendly ambience and enjoy the table service. Child-friendly facilities include high chairs and booster cushions. Tables for two to eight people.