Nestled in the shade of a magnificent coconut grove, the 334 bungalows are located along a river which runs through the Resort. They are in Brazilian architectural style which integrates seamlessly into the Samba atmosphere.


A comfortable and stylish Club Room. Decoration made from exotic woods, with beautiful natural colors, you live your vacation in peace. In the heart of the coconut groves, with a view of the gardens and the lagoon. This accommodation is also available as 2 bedroom Club.

Surface 26 m² - 30 m², 280 - 323 sqft
Guests 1 - 3 persons


The Deluxe Family room is a spacious room, consisting of a parents room of 172 square feet, a balcony of 100 sqaure feet and a childrens corner of 182 square feet.The balcony offers a splendid view of the lagoon

Surface 44 m² - 52 m², 474 - 560 sqft
Guests 1 - 4 persons