Cap Skirring


Located in the South of Senegal, a serene resort with a typically African atmosphere.

This beautiful vacation Resort on the Atlantic coast of Africa offers traditional thatched bungalows in the shade of a coconut grove, lush tropical gardens, and a long stretch of white sandy beach.

Resort made up of one-storey bungalows, divided between the coconut plantation and the gardens. Some bungalows are located by the beach, separated by dense and lush vegetation.
The Resort has 205 rooms.


A Resort of bungalows, on the ground floor or on two floors, in either the coconut groves or the gardens. Some bungalows are located along the beach, but separated by dense, luxuriant vegetation.

Surface 15 m² - 23 m², 161 - 248 sqft
Guests 1 - 3 persons

Each country has its own culinary tastes, spicy sweet...Discover a multitude of tastes during your vacation from breakfast through to dinner.Also take advantage of our all day dining included in your package

The main restaurant

This restaurant's central location and buffet menu makes it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat at any time of day. The view over the sea and swimming pool creates a great backdrop for you to enjoy your delicious meals at Cap Skirring. The friendly ambience makes it the ideal place to relax with friends or enjoy an informal meal with the family.

The Diola

Le Diola is right next to the beach, so what better place could there be for a delicious evening meal in a beautiful setting? Enjoy the wonderful grilled crayfish straight from the sea and luxuriate in the wonderful surroundings. It is only open on certain evenings so make sure to book your place at Reception quickly! Waiter service is standard.

Price includes

Drinks served by the glass and at the bar only: water, fruit juices and sodas, hot drinks and cocktails with and without alcohol, wines and local and international spirits.

With supplement

Champagnes, VSOP and XO spirits, bottled and canned drinks are available from vending machines in some of our Resorts and/or at the Club Med Boutique. Certain super-premium brands and bottled wines are also available à la carte in some of our restaurants and bars.

The main bar

Club Med Cap Skirring is designed for ultimate guest comfort and tranquility, and the main bar is no exception. With its thatched roof and idea poolside location, there is no better place to share laughs and quality time with your loved ones. Relax on the comfortable bar stools or join the party on the dance floor!

Beach Bar

Unwinding beneath Cap Skirring's coconut palms and gazing out at the stunning coastline can only be improved by a refreshing beverage. The beach bar is subtly designed to blend in with the natural surroundings and has a truly exotic feel. This is a blissful spot to cool off from the sun and enjoy a tranquil break.

The Golf club bar

Fore! Don't worry, the Club Med Cap Skirring golf bar is sufficiently off the course to avoid stray incoming balls, but close enough that you can easily sit down for a break mid-course. You'll love the bar's relaxed feel and the general camaraderie of the staff and patrons. Duck in to enjoy the shade and stay for awhile!


The largest Sports School in the world is all yours! Exceptional sports and group lessons for all levels of skill. Beginners and experienced sportsmen enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and exclusive, fun teaching from G.O®s trained in their discipline. Indulge yourself to the extreme and discover new emotions.

  • Archery School
  • Fitness School
  • Golf School
  • Tennis School
  • Sailing School


  • Basketball
  • Beach-soccer
  • Beach volleyball
  • Football
  • Table tennis
  • Aquadynamic
  • Pilates



    Senegal in brief

    - Surface area: 196,712 sq km

    - Capital: Dakar

    - Official language: French is the official language, plus 6 national languages including Wolof (the biggest ethnic group in Senegal) and Diola (the largest ethnic group in the Casamance region)

    - Currency: Frand CFA.

    Make the most of your stay at Cap Skirring Resort to discover the natural beauty and fascinating culture of the region.
    In the extreme southwest of Senegal, in the Casamance region, Cap Skirring is located:

    - close to the seaside resort of the same name

    - 6 km from Kabrousse, a small coastal village with typical Diola architecture

    - 10 km north of Djembering, a farming village built on the dunes, surrounded by huge kapok trees, where the Sunday mass service is of particular interest

    - 30 km from Oussoye, a quiet little town where Diola tradition is still present (in the celebrations and festivities)

    - 80 km from Ziguinchor, the regional capital of Casamance.

    Vaccinations and medical treatments
    It is imperative that you check the required procedure before your departure.

    Vaccinations recommended:
    - Diphtheria
    - Polio
    - Tetanus
    - Hepatitis A and B
    - Typhoid

    Mosquitos can carry certain viral or parasitic diseases; the use of tropical mosquito repellents directly on the skin or clothes is recommended.

    Risk of the most dangerous form of malaria (falciparum) means that serious prevention is necessary (chemoprophylaxis and mosquito repellents).
    Vaccination against yellow fever is indispensable (in an authorised centre) even if it is not officially imposed.
    Vaccination against meningitis may be advisable (in the case of close and prolonged contact with the local population in the dry season between December and June).

    There are seasonal epidemics of cholera that are not dangerous for travellers in good health and who respect elementary hygiene rules. Vaccination is not justifed.

    The Resort has a resident nurse.

    The State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS) administers the Consular Information Program, which informs the public of conditions abroad that may affect their safety and security. Country Specific Information, Travel Alerts, and Travel Warnings are vital parts of this program.

    Cap Skirring

    This beautiful vacation Resort on the Atlantic coast of Africa offers traditional thatched bungalows in the shade of a coconut grove, lush tropical gardens, and a long stretch of white sandy beach.

    • Enjoy the contrasts of the resort mixing a design feel and the local culture
    • Discover Casamance by boat
    • Relaxing massages* in the shade of a palapa,facing the sea
    • Golf on the 9 hole golf course in an exceptionnal location facing the ocean

    Well-being activities


    • Palapas

    What's included in your stay:

    • Full-board Gourmet Cuisine

    • Open bar & snacking

    • Unlimited water & land sports

    • Day & Night Entertainment

    • Wi-Fi & Gratuities

    Don't miss out

    Practical information

    B.P 46
    KABROUSSE 27009
    Casamance Senegal
    Airport of Cap Skirring
    5 minutes

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