Resort of 289 rooms all located in bungalows from one to three floors (with no elevator) spread between a tropical garden by the sea, along a magnificent coconut grove and a large white sandy beach.Very close to the village of St Anne, the resort has the most beautiful beach of the island.


A splendid Club Room, with a view over the gardens, near the various Resort activities, located throughout the buildngs on 3 levels.

Or consider a room with a sea view, from which you will enjoy the sunset.

Surface 23 m² - 43 m², 248 - 463 sqft
Guests 1 - 4 persons


Take full advantage of your room which unites comfort with one of the finest views of the Caribbean

Surface 32 m² - 32 m², 344 - 344 sqft
Guests 1 - 3 persons


Spacious accommodation with sitting-room, a view of the tropical gardens for nature-lovers, or with Sea View over one of the most beautiful bays in the West Indies.

Surface 43 m² - 43 m², 463 - 463 sqft
Guests 1 - 3 persons