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Find all the Club Med at Home family activities, designed to bring families together and entertain you. When you can't come to Club Med, Amazing Family by Club Med comes to you!

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Dance like no one’s watching (cause we’re not!)

Ready. Set. Dance!

Show us your best dance moves - dance to your favorite Crazy Sign, post it on Instagram and tag @clubmed. We’ll be resharing our favorites!

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Club Med Pictionnary

Not an artist? No worries. This game is actually more fun if you can’t draw. Get ready for loads of laughter when your team can’t decipher if what you’re drawing is a palm tree or a chocolate fountain! We’ve created our very own set of Club Med terms to guide your next family fun night.

Let the games begin

Act It Out!

Unleash your inner performer and showcase your best vacation poses. We’ve created a set of cards to play charades at your next family game night!

Ready to role

G.O.PARDY, the Club Med Trivia!

Test your knowledge of all things Club Med, with these fun trivia question for your next family game night!

Ready to win

Family Talent Show

Host a family game night!

Bring your talents to life at home by hosting your very own talent show in middle of your living room. Have each member of the family take turns performing a special act in front of the family. Will you be a singer? Magician? Actor? Painter?… There are so many talents to explore!

Act it Out 2.0!

Host a family game night

Rocked the first set? Take your family games to the next level with this upgraded set of cards for your next Club Med charades game for ultimate family fun!

Get the set

Weekly Intentions

Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals. While spending time at home, why not involve your family in setting daily intentions and goals for your day.

How to Start an Intentions Practice

  • While winding down on a Sunday evening, spend a few moments thinking about small actionable items that you can do for the week. It can be as simple as "calling my parents more often", or "read at least five pages a night".

  • Write on a piece of paper and put it up somewhere you can see. Things become more real when you write it down and see it every day.

  • Get your family or partner to join in too – it can become a discussion on what you'd like to do together. Maybe start a compost bin, or gift someone a surprise delivery.

  • Again, write it down and pin it up where it's visible for everyone to see.

We'd love to see what your intentions are. Why not share a photo of them with us by tagging #ClubMedatHome on our FB page.

Camp in your backyard (or your living room!)

Camp in your backyard (or your living room!)

It’s time for a fall campout! Ready the marshmallows, get out your flannel, flashlights, and some good old spooky stories for a night you won’t forget. Check out our guide below to the best family or friends campout – whether that’s out in the yard or in the living room under a blanket tent.

  • Create an ambiance:
    Whether you’re outside on a crisp night or inside, proper ambiance is essential to any good campout. Set up your tents, chairs, pillows, lanterns around your area and make sure everyone is dressed appropriately (Did we say flannel?).

  • Bring on the food:
    1 word: Marshmallows! Whether you’re around a real fire or pop those fluffy clouds of sweetness into the oven (bake then broil slightly for that authentic char) no campout is complete without a traditional smore! Don’t forget to bring on some salty foods as well. Our favorites? Anything easily handheld: corn on the cob or skewers of any kind.

  • Prepare your spooks:
    Entertainment is key to any good event, and for a campout that certainly includes spooky stories (ghost or otherwise). Make sure you practice your story, dim the lights, and get that flashlight ready to give your audience a real scare!