How about a vacation on the most beautiful slopes of Japan and China?

From the island of Hokkaido to the provinces of Manchuria, ski the most stunning snow-covered peaks in Asia. Ski trips to Asia are bursting with discovery and wonder. Get ready for pristine landscapes, all-inclusive activities, and fun!

Tomamu: explore the white jewel of Hokkaido

Spend your ski vacation on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. This island benefits from an abundant yearly snowfall. The Tomamu ski area boasts 145+ hectares of powder and 28 slopes designed for all skill levels.

Stay at Club Med's Tomamu Hokkaido Resort with your family for an all-inclusive, ski-in ski-out experience. Snowboard down the "Russian Mountain" run while your teenagers learn tricks on the half-pipe in the snow park. Take a dip with your other half in Japan's biggest indoor wave pool.** Sip a cocktail* served in a glass made of ice at the "Ice Village."** Treat the whole family to a snowy dog sled ride.** Head to the Haku restaurant to try local Japanese specialties such as yakiniku beef.

*Excessive drinking can be dangerous to your health. Please drink in moderation.

**At extra cost

Discover Club Med's Tomamu Hokkaido Resort

Sahoro: experience the Japanese way of life in the snowy mountains of Hokkaido

The Sahoro ski area in Northern Japan is renowned for its incredible powder. This pristine natural region is covered with birch and pine trees and a thick layer of snow. 

There's something for everyone at the Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido Resort. Of the ski area's 15 miles of runs, 5 are designed for beginners, 6 for intermediate skiers, and 4 for advanced riders. Explore Ainu culture after a day on the slopes. The rooms are decorated in the traditional style of the region's indigenous tribes. Satisfy your longing for new experiences on a snowshoe trek (from 12 years of age). Enjoy the indoor pool and relax in a thermal bath with a view of the forest. Try a steaming bowl of "nabe," the local soup, at the Mina Mina restaurant.

Discover Club Med's Sahoro Hokkaido Resort

Discover a wide range of activities and immaculate landscapes in Yabuli, China

Treat yourself to a ski vacation in the fresh mountain air of China. Head north to the massive Yabuli ski resort. Here, snow covers the ground for nearly six months of the year. The mountains are smaller than the Alps, making them perfect for those looking to learn how to ski (from 4 years of age) or snowboard (from 8 years of age).

Welcome to Club Med's Yabuli Resort. At Yabuli, you can show off your acrobatic skills during a flying trapeze class* or on the bungee trampoline (both from 4 years of age). You can also work out in our cardio training room (from 18 years of age). Put your skills to the test by tackling the 30-foot-high climbing wall (from 8 years of age). Meet up with friends and family in the evening for a game of ping pong* or pool.**

*From 4 years of age

**At extra cost and from 18 years of age

Discover Club Med's Yabuli Resort

Beidahu: explore the pristine slopes of Manchuria

Just a stone's throw from Yabuli, Jilin province is the ideal destination for a fun and snowy ski vacation. Take a trip to Beidahu, a resort overlooking a valley of trees.

Explore 28+ miles of runs with your instructor during the ski lessons (from 4 years of age) offered as part of your all-inclusive stay at Club Med's Beidahu Resort. Snowplow or snowboard (from 8 years of age) down gentle slopes or schuss through the powder — enjoy the resort at your own pace. Why not try a yoga class (from 11 years of age) with your children? Get into the lotus position as you gaze at the majestic snowy mountains through the large bay window. Meet your friends and family for dinner at the Petit Bus Rouge and try a traditional Chinese hot pot.

Discover Club Med's Beidahu Resort

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Clear blue waters or crisp white snow? Sand that slides away under your feet, or slopes that glide beneath your skis. Regardless of the time of year, Club Med awakens many marvelous emotions.