The best from the Savoie region of France

Savoyard cuisine reaches culinary heights. Discover the food of the French Alps and other mouthwatering delicacies. Work up an appetite on the snowy summits before feasting at Club Med.

Fondue, the star of any mountain menu

Enjoy the very best in Savoyard specialties after a hard day on the slopes. Take full advantage of your winter vacation by treating yourself to some typical Savoie recipes. Pop off your skis and get nice and cozy inside the mountain restaurant at your Club Med Resort. An absolute classic, fondue is the star of any mountain menu. Originally from Switzerland, this dish delights the taste buds of young and old alike. In Savoie, it is made from a delicious blend of three cheeses: Emmental, Comté, and Beaufort. Gather around the fondue pot and dip meat, bread, and potato pieces into the tasty mix. Beware! The first person to drop a piece into the melted cheese has to buy a round of drinks!

Raclette, it's all about tradition

Because Savoie is so close to Switzerland, it's not surprising that this legendary recipe has also taken off across the border. Raclette Savoyard is just as convivial as fondue and an absolute must after a day in the mountains. Legend has it that the very first raclette was served in 1290. Discover the delights of melted Savoie cheese* toasted horizontally over a traditional grill. 

Raclette is served over potatoes and accompanied by crisp pickles, delicious regional cooked meats, onions, and maybe a few mushrooms. Sure to delight foodies, big and small, in search of authentic dishes. 

*cow's milk

Don't forget to try the other Savoyard specialties as well:

  • Saint-Genix cake Diot sausages with white wine Crozet pasta Savoyard hot pot, composed of vegetables, diot sausages, and bacon Oven-baked Mont d'Or cheese fondue** **

Tartiflette with Reblochon cheese

A winter vacation in the mountains is perfect for foodies who are eager to try a classic tartiflette. Inspired by a rural recipe called péla, tartiflette is a more recent invention than fondue and raclette. It is made with potatoes, bacon, white wine,* and its standout ingredient, cheese. Although variations now exist (such as morbiflette using Morbier cheese), purists insist that tartiflette is to be made with Reblochon from the Thônes Valley in France.

You can also tantalize your taste buds with regional brews,* such as the white wines from Apremont, Ripaille, and Abymes which go so well with Savoyard dishes.

*Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health. Please drink in moderation.

Enjoy the very best mountain specialties at Club Med

Sweet Savoyard mountain pastries

Some Savoyard specialties are made for other times of the day or meal. Get ready to be tempted by the sweet treats awaiting when you return to the Resort after a morning or afternoon of skiing.

Try all the region's sweetest treats, at snack time or for dessert. Enjoy your hot chocolate with a delicious piece of Savoie sponge cake, also known as "biscuit de Savoie." Lightweight and exquisite, this cake has become a traditional part of French cuisine. You can also try some delicious puff pastry donuts made with apple or pear, known in Savoie as "rissoles" or "bugnes." Finally, blueberry pie is a must-try Savoyard dessert!

Discover the Three Valleys region in Savoie

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