Family fun awaits on the shores of the Indian Ocean, in the sand, water, and air.

Land, water, and the Maldives, there are lots of ways to enjoy the hot climate. Your family will have a great time playing in the sand, observing colorful fish in the water, or flying in the air over an idyllic atoll.

1- Take your pick from over 1,001 sporting activities

Blue lagoons, vast coral reefs, and immaculate white sand. The Maldives are both an earthly and aquatic paradise. Make the most of this enchanting archipelago with a Club Med all-inclusive package: accommodation, meals, activities...everything is prepared in advance so you can enjoy a carefree vacation. The crystal clear waters along the private beach at the Kani Resort are perfect for getting away from it all in a magical setting. Learn the basics of sailing on a catamaran (from 8 years of age). Like a real explorer, you'll steer the boat and control its speed. Paddle in hand, go kayaking (from 6 years of age in Kani) in the Indian Ocean, carried along by a wave of adventure. The atolls of the Maldives create the waves that surfers love. Take a lesson or head out by yourself: stand up on your board and ride the crests of the waves* (from 14 years of age).

The incredibly fine sand on the beaches around the Kani and Finolhu Resorts is also the playing field for the countless activities to be enjoyed with friends or family. In Kani, the whole family (children from the age of 4) can fly on a trapeze suspended between the sky and the sand. Jump off the platform for a "catch" or "wrap."

*At extra cost

Other land-based sports to enjoy on the sands of Kani:

  • beach volleyball (from 8 years of age)
  • beach soccer (from 8 years of age)

2 - Exploring the unique underwater environment

The Maldives have one of the most beautiful underwater environments in the world, and you can explore it by way of snorkeling (from 8 years of age in Kani and 12 years of age in Finolhu). Dozens of spots from 6 to 100 feet in depth await near the Club Med Resorts of Finolhu and Kani. They can be accessed from the beach or by boat, and are home to a wide variety of sea creatures. The whole family can go on a freediving safari to watch the sea turtles,* take an excursion* to discover whale sharks and manta rays, or help preserve the reefs by building a coral frame.*

*At extra cost

More information on snorkeling at Club Med

If you're looking for a stunning underwater environment, the Maldives are an unbeatable choice for:

  • Rich plant and animal life
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving lessons for children
  • The opportunity to help protect the ecosystem and track changes to your coral frame on the Reefscapers platform.

3- Fly over the Maldives and prepare to be amazed by all the different shades of blue

The Maldives are composed of some 1,200 islands grouped in 26 atolls, a magnificent mosaic of blue and white that can also be admired from the air. From Finolhu, climb aboard a seaplane,* the preferred form of transportation in the archipelago, for an unforgettable 20-minute flight that ends with a landing on the crystal clear water.

With the Sea and Sky excursion for couples* (available at the Resorts of Kani and Finolhu), you and your partner can take a parascending lesson, hit the high seas, and slide down the Funtube.

*At extra cost

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Head for the Maldives and:

  • Fly between two islands in a seaplane
  • Enjoy beautiful landscapes formed by the atolls from the sky

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