Enjoy rich and abundant marine life while snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea.

Martinique has some of the world's best diving sites, including famous Diamond Rock. Slide on your mask and regulator and dive in backwards to discover the colorful, diverse underwater world.

1. An aquatic ballet below the cliffs

Martinique boasts incredible scenery both above and below sea level. The Antilles have plenty of dive sites for fans in search of spectacular underwater adventures. The north is famous for its black sand and shipwrecks. To the west, in Anses d’Arlet, you'll find gentle currents and an array of seahorses and angel fish. As for the south, it's home to stunning colors and reefs. A beginner or already a pro? Take your first dive in the Caribbean and marvel at a fascinating aquatic ballet performed by incredible marine species.

2. Shipwrecks with a tale to tell

Numerous ships were sunk after a volcanic eruption, leaving a treasure trove of wrecks for divers to explore. The Saint Pierre wrecks were caused by the eruption of Mount Pelée on May 8th in 1902, and have since become a favorite dive site for beginner and experienced divers alike. Dive down and explore old ships lying 50 to 250 feet below the surface. Watch as kingfish and Japanese conger eels weave around these watery ruins. At night, other marine animals attracted to light come out to play. Behold them with your headlamp in a silent world where the only sound you'll hear is that of underwater bubbles. 

3. The many facets of Diamond Rock

Martinique has more to offer than just shipwrecks, with a number of exceptional dive sites. The most famous? Diamond Rock, considered to be the most beautiful dive site on the island. A huge rock that seems to float on the water, this one-time pirate hideout offers a fun way to experience some totally unique scenery. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced divers can explore its cliff face and cavern, home to inquisitive turtles who swim up to divers for a close encounter of the aquatic kind.

Just a 15-minute boat ride from Diamond Rock, the Club Med Les Boucaniers Resort is the perfect base from which to explore this extraordinary natural environment. Kids aged 8 and older can blow their first air bubbles* in a creek or go snorkeling closer to the surface. Enjoy your first scuba dive* by exploring the depths around Martinique. Want to improve your diving skills? Sign up for a PADI Open Water Diver* course. Learn how to put on your gear and master your buoyancy. Instructors will guide you down to a maximum depth of 60 feet.

*At extra cost

Scuba diving in the Caribbean: unique treasures to discover

You'll love your stay at Club Med Les Boucaniers:

  • dives for all skill levels enjoy diving with the family or head out on an excursion benefit from dive sites located a mere 15 minutes from the Resort take stunning underwater photos** **

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