At Club Med, the only order of the day is freedom. Your teen is free to enjoy their vacation at their own pace!

In search of activities for your teen while on vacation? At Club Med, we respect their rhythm, wishes, and independence. Your teen is free to take part in the activities that interest them, when it suits them. "At Club Med, nothing is imposed, everything is simply on offer."

A wide selection of sports to enjoy as you please

**Taking a vacation with a teen **at Club Med means giving them numerous opportunities to discover new things. For example, in the summer, you can go hiking or mountain biking together or cheer them on as they win a set of tennis. Watch them try their hand at winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, supervised by their instructor from the national ski school. When night falls, listen as they tell you all about their adventures in the mountains.

The advantages of Club Med sports vacations for teens:

  • The freedom to test or improve their skills in more than 60 sporting disciplines. Free access to all Resort facilities.\* High-quality supervision from qualified G.Os®.
  • \*Cardio and weight training room accessible from the age of 18. Windsurfing from the age of 16.

Membership at Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld®

When planning a vacation with a teen, choose a Resort with Club Med Passworld® or Junior Club Med. In these spaces, they can join in artistic activities* organized by G.Os® with other kids of the same age. At Club Med Passworld®, their own personal refuge, they can dream of winning a prize at the Cannes Film Festival as they make a short film, hit the decks as a DJ, or learn magic tricks. Couches, computers, guitars, and karaoke: Passworld® makes your teen feel right at home. 

*Offer varies per Resort

A time for opening up to others and growing in confidence

A family vacation with your teenager gives them the chance to make friends with other young people of the same age. At Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld®, G.Os® split teens into 2 groups: one for 11 to 13-year-olds, the other for 14 to 17-year-olds. This provides your teen with the perfect setting for having fun, discovering new experiences and activities, and growing as a person.

The advantages of Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld® for teens:

  • High-quality supervision from experienced G.Os®. Young people of the same age; making new friends and learning about different cultures. Their very own vacation memories. A newfound sense of responsibility and purpose.** **

Camping out under the stars during an excursion

While Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld® help teens to feel at home, Club Med excursions* encourage them to leave their comfort zone and enjoy the surrounding nature. In the peaks of Valmorel, laughter and challenges await during an awesome treetop adventure course. On some evenings, they'll gather around a campfire with kids of their own age and play the guitar before sleeping outside under the stars. In Guadeloupe, they can join you on an excursion to Baie des Saintes and go back in time on the ramparts of Fort Napoléon. Enjoy precious family time at the zoo,* where you'll get up close and personal with an amazing flock of pink flamingos and exotic animals from Africa.

*Offer may vary depending on the Resort

**At extra cost

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