Don't forget your passport and itinerary! Here's all the information you need before traveling to Asia.

Where to go in Asia? From Japan to China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the countries of Asia offer rich cultures and landscapes that are both exotic and sublime. Here are some recommendations to help you make the most of your vacation.

Which islands to visit in Asia?

Asia is full of islands boasting a wide variety of landscapes. From the idyllic beaches of China to the enchanting scenery of Japan, the coasts of Thailand, and the islands of Indonesia, this continent has much to offer those in search of discovery and an escape from everyday life.

Bali remains one of the most iconic islands to visit. Visitors are dazzled by its savage coastline and the richness of its culture. You'll love its white and black sand beaches, as well as its lush vegetation.

Thailand also has its fair share of paradisaical islands. Two of the best are Koh Samui with its coconut tree lined beaches, and Koh Tao with its pristine coral reefs.

The landscapes of Japan boast their own unique style, but are just as suitable for relaxation. Dive into the turquoise waters of Kabira Ishigaki, a pristine island in the Pacific belonging to the prefecture of Okinawa. Mingle with the local population that is famous for its high life expectancy.

Nicknamed the "Hawaii of the Orient," the Chinese city of Sanya offers lush vegetation and a tropical climate similar to that of the Caribbean.

Advice for hassle-free vacations in Asia

Make sure you're properly prepared before heading off to explore the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Looking to travel at your own pace? Before leaving, apply for an international driver's license so you can rent a car while there. To travel without restrictions, remember to scan all your important documents and store them safely (passport, driver's license, proof of health insurance, important medical records, maps, etc.), preferably by way of applications that can be used offline. Take several batteries and SD cards so you can snap away to your heart's content.

Once you reach your destination, immerse yourself in the culture by doing your shopping at the local stores. Be sure to research customs and rules of courtesy so you fit in with the population. Always travel with some cash as many places don't accept bank or credit cards. The question of tips can also be tricky, so find out in advance about the local customs of the country you will be visiting.

All-inclusive packages, such as those offered by Club Med, will make your vacation that much easier. Everything is planned in advance so you can make the most of your vacation and explore the idyllic landscapes of Asia.

Discover the wonders of Asia with Club Med tours and trips

Asia is full of amazing photo ops for fans of historic sites and natural landscapes. When you choose an all-inclusive trip, you can be sure of benefiting from spectacular experiences and the best possible conditions.

For example, why not treat yourself to a tour of iconic Indonesian sites with the Volcanoes and Paddy Fields excursion on the island of Java? Or climb Mount Kawah Ijen and visit the majestic Buddhist temples of Borobudur. And discover the local culture with a Toraja family, an indigenous tribe that resides in the heart of Sulawesi Island.

Already in Bali? Make the most of your trip with a little getaway before or after your stay at the Club Med Resort. Visit the Tanah Lot temples built on an island. Explore the plantations of Pékutatan in a 4x4 and plunge into the pristine depths off the island of Menjangan.

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