Our Resort pros eliminate the stress by helping you choose just the right ski size.

Ready to put on your skis and hit the slopes? With all the best ski brands offering ever more specialized products, the choice can be overwhelming. Our teams are here to help and will explain which ski size is best for you.

First criterion: skill level

Whatever your level, the focus will be on handling, comfort, and above all, pleasure. By making the right choice, you'll be able to master your turns in complete safety. Ski sizes vary according to your skill level: if you're a beginner or intermediate skier, go for a shorter (5 to 15 cm less than your height) and slightly curved model, such as parabolic skis. With these skis, you'll be able to turn more easily and quickly.

If you're an experienced skier, your ski size should be greater than or equal to your height to allow for improved stability while skiing fast.

Remember, Club Med offers ski rentals in its Ski Pro Shop and its teams are always happy to help.

Be well-equipped for the slopes

Second criterion: type of skiing

Ski sizes vary depending on your skiing style and the terrain. There are four types of skis: downhill, all-mountain, freeride, and freestyle.

Downhill skis are suitable for groomed runs and recreational skiing. Short skis are recommended for greater control while turning on blue and black runs.

All-mountain skis are designed for skiers who are comfortable switching from groomed runs to powder. The size of these versatile skis depends on your skill level.

Fans of powder can opt for freeride skis with wide waists to give them a feeling of floating on untouched snow. These skis should be 5 to 10 cm longer than your height to provide for increased speed and stability.

Finally, fans of snow parks and freestyle will want to choose twin-tip skis for easy pivoting. For improved handling, choose skis that are as tall as you or a few centimeters shorter.

Third criterion: body shape

Weight, height, and gender are the final criteria to consider when choosing a ski size.

If you're on the slim side, avoid skis that are too big as these can thrust you into the air. Similarly, if you're somewhat heavy, shorter skis lack the necessary lift and gliding sensations while skiing.

For younger skiers, it is often preferable to choose shorter, children's size skis. For beginners, the skis should come up to your chest, otherwise up to your nose.

Women's skis are more than just elegant. Because the center of gravity of women is lower and further back than that of men, the heel of the ski is raised and the bindings are moved forward.

Finding the right skis

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