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Hoping to learn how to paddleboard? Follow your guide to find out why this sport is so popular today. Discover the benefits of paddle boarding at Club Med Resorts in Japan, Brazil, and Europe.

A practice steeped in history: the origins of paddle boarding

Polynesians used large wooden planks to get around their lagoons and travel between islands. In the 1940s, inspired by this form of transportation, champion swimmer Duke Kahanamoku and the famous Beach Boys of Waikiki began to use similar planks on the coast of Hawaii. By standing up, they found they could more easily monitor swimmers and keep an eye out for swells. Stand up paddle boarding, a precursor to surfing, was born. It reemerged as a recreational activity in the 2000s and remains as popular as ever today. With Club Med, you can learn or perfect paddle boarding at 30+ Resorts on a variety of lakes and seas around the world.

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Stand up paddle boarding: why is it so popular?

Stand up paddle boarding has been in vogue for many years now. Why all the buzz? It's an activity enjoyed by beginners and experienced paddle boarders alike. The board is easy to handle, while the activity itself is both sociable and fun. What's more, it will keep you in good shape and improve your muscle tone. Paddle boarding is a sport that uses all your muscle groups to steer and paddle - arms, chest, shoulders, and back. The abs, thighs, and leg muscles are needed for stability. You can go at your own pace, all the while burning calories and toning your body.

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The advantages of paddle boarding:

  • simple, easy-to-use equipment: a board, a paddle, and a leash that attaches the board to your ankle
  • sit, kneel, or stand up
  • a versatile activity that works all your muscle groups
  • a great way to spend time with family and friends
  • a sport that can be combined with other activities such as hiking and yoga

Where to try paddle boarding at Club Med.

A free activity included in your stay, paddle boarding is a great way to connect with nature and take in spectacular scenery. Head to the Club Med Turkoise Resort and glide across the Caribbean's crystal clear blue waters. Explore the Aegean Sea and admire the rocky peaks of Mount Taurus at Club Med's Palmiye Resort in Turkey. Or enjoy exotic views as you paddle along the waterfront facing our Indonesian Resort in Bintan. Discover the pleasures of stand up paddle boarding in the multifaceted region of Salvador da Bahia by booking a stay at the Club Med Itaparica Resort. Wind your way through the subtropical waters of Kabira in Japan, surrounded by a turquoise sea extending beyond the horizon and lined with lush, tropical vegetation. Paddle boarding is a sheer pleasure.

Discover the top 5 Club Med Resorts for paddle boarding

5 Club Med Resorts where you can try stand up paddle boarding:

  • The Turkoise Resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean
  • The Palmiye Resort in Turkey
  • The Bintan Resort in Indonesia
  • The Itaparica Resort in Brazil
  • The Kabira Resort in Japan