Delight in a trip to paradise and experience the one-of-a-kind feeling of being at the edge of the world

Located in the Maldives archipelago, the Club Med Exclusive Collection's Finolhu Villas have everything that lovers of sunshine, blue lagoons, and immaculate beaches could possibly desire. Uncover the secrets of these eco-chic havens in the Maldives and be amazed by architectural treasures that are in perfect harmony with their pristine natural surroundings.

The ultimate in comfort and privacy

Welcome to Gasfinolhu, a private 12-acre island just a 40-minute boat ride from the Maldives airport. In the Maldives, the horizon seems infinite, stretching across the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. In this pristine paradise, 52 Club Med villas await. Each has its own patio and private swimming pool with views of the turquoise lagoon and white sand beaches. Our "Sunrise" and "Sunset" villas offer magnificent views of the sun's first and last rays. Stretch out your legs and relax: each Finolhu Villa covers more than 1,600 square feet. They also come equipped with all the latest technology. These cozy nests are perfect for creating precious memories with your partner or family.

Discover the Club Med Finolhu Villas Resort

Contemporary design that blends with the natural environment

Done in sophisticated and minimalist details, the architecture and interior design of the Finolhu Villas beckon you to relax and let go. Designed by Tokyo architect Yuji Yamazaki, each villa is environmentally-friendly and runs on renewable energy thanks to the 64,000+ square feet of self-cleaning solar panels that blend into the property's architecture and landscape. Treat yourself to a unique and conscientious vacation: the Finolhu Villas are innovative and sustainable in their approach to water management, waste reduction, and recycling. Each interior is finished with touches of ocean blue, green, and orange inspired by the island's natural beauty.

Discover the design secrets of the Club Med Exclusive Collection's private havens

At Finolhu Villas, you're the focus of our attention. Take advantage of exclusive concierge services and amenities delivered right to your villa: feast on a dinner* prepared by a private chef or indulge in a spa treatment.* Or venture from your base to participate in exciting sporting activities such as tennis, aerobics, yoga, and more. Sail the turquoise waters of this dream destination in a catamaran. In the evenings, opt for the intimate ambiance of the Finolhu Villas or the more festive scene of the Club Med Kani Resort. The perfect vacation haven that checks off all the boxes on your wish list.

*At extra cost