Make the most of your travels with a combination of natural and cultural adventures.

Hoping to explore new horizons during your next vacation? Give in to the call of travel and quench your thirst for adventure at Club Med. Discover the wonders of distant lands, immerse yourself in the culture of an exotic country, and uncover local treasures during tours and excursions. 

Getaways: combine a tour with a stay at a Resort

Thirsty for discovery and relaxation? With getaways by Club Med, you can explore all the must-see sites at your destination during a separate personalized tour as an add-on to an excursion or cruise, before or after your stay at one of our Club Med Resorts. Whether you're traveling as a couple, with family, or with friends (up to 8 people), leave whenever you like and stop off in charming 3 and 4-star hotels or legendary 4 and 5-star hotels. You can also choose to incorporate exhilarating activities* and enriching excursions,* accompanied by passionate and inspiring guides. What about meals? Opt for breakfast only or half-board for a choice of restaurants selected by our experts (excluding USA and Canada).

*At extra cost

Tours: culture and exploration

Give in to the call of discovery with Club Med tours. Follow an itinerary highlighted by visits to lesser-known spots or must-see attractions. Quench your thirst for authenticity: in a group of 16 people, embark on a one-of-a-kind travel experience. At each step, immerse yourself in the culture by stopping over in charming hotels that are typical of the country. Choose the theme of your tour. Discover remarkable species during an Evasion Nature tour. Meet the local population during an Unforgettable Encounters tour. Temples, stupas, ancient palaces, and legendary museums: open your eyes to the history of cultures and civilizations during a Cultural Treasures tour. Off the beaten track, bring out your adventurous side during a Private Roads tour.

*At extra cost

Fascinating destinations with much to discover

From the Americas to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, take advantage of more than 100 tours in almost 60 destinations around the world. Discover the majestic nature and major cities of Eastern Canada. Fly over breathtaking Niagara Falls by helicopter and admire the Upper Laurentians from your seaplane. Tackle the Great Wall of China via Jinshanling, a part of the Wall that is spared from the crowds and set in a pristine natural setting. Cross suspension bridges in the jungle of Costa Rica, passing through the rays of sunlight that penetrate the trees. Set out to discover the mysterious ecosystems and green landscapes of Monteverde. Meet and enjoy exclusive interaction with the Masai people of Kenya. Discover the iconic wonders of Brazil to the rhythm of vibrant beats.