Club Med vacations with a baby: enjoy peace of mind with Baby Club Med®

At Club Med, kids aged 4 to 23 months benefit from the very best in personalized childcare thanks to Baby Club Med®.* Fun activities, walks in nature, development of motor skills, early learning through music: relax, your baby is in good hands! *At extra cost

Baby Club Med®,* childcare for happy babies and parents

Club Med launched its first Mini Club Med® in 1967 to meet the needs of all its G.Ms®. Babies aged 4 to 23 months and kids up to 17 can enjoy activities suited to their age group and supervised by professional G.Os®.

Baby Club Med®, available at an extra charge and only in certain Resorts, was created to help parents make the most of their vacations with their little ones. Relaxing times in the spa,* scuba diving,* skiing on snow-covered slopes - it's all yours to enjoy while your baby flourishes at Baby Club Med®.* The focus of our G.O® childcare specialists, little G.Ms® at Baby Club Med®* are divided into two groups. Walkers and non-walkers are cared for separately so each child can play and learn at their own pace. Never fear: the limited number of spaces ensures your little one learns and develops in the safest of conditions. 

At lunchtime, head to the Baby Corner in the main restaurant of Resorts with a Baby Club Med®.* There, your baby will enjoy their meal in the company of our G.Os® - or with you, if you prefer.

*At extra cost

Baby Club Med®:* guaranteed fun and wellbeing

Gentleness and discovery are on the menu at Baby Club Med®.* Stimulated by early-learning activities and psychomotor education, babies aged 4 to 23 months can fully develop their potential. Our G.Os® are especially attentive to your baby's wellbeing, respecting their biological rhythm and needs. 

Discovering sounds, becoming familiar with shapes, colors, and materials: each activity is designed to awaken your baby's senses. Your little one can also enjoy Baby Gym® at Baby Club Med®.* Crawling, sliding, jumping: your baby will learn and develop their motor skills in a fun, colorful environment.  

Whether by the sea, surrounded by green mountain landscapes, or basking in snowy peaks, your baby grows via activities and fun in a protected setting.

*At extra cost

Baby Club Med®:* services and independence thrown into the deal

With Baby Club Med®,* a vacation with your baby is all about comfort and serenity. Would you like to entrust your baby to Baby Club Med®* for a whole day or for just a few hours? The choice is yours. Hoping to enjoy some activities or have lunch with your baby? You can come and fetch your little one at any time of the day, simply by letting our G.Os® know in advance. 

Vacations with your baby are a chance to share good times as a family and spend quality time with your partner. Enjoy a romantic evening for two by taking advantage of our babysitting* service. A professional babysitter will keep your little one safe in the comfort of your room.

*At extra cost and by reservation only

Going on vacation with a newborn? Find out which precautions to take.

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