On board, you'll fill your days with memorable experiences and discoveries as a family

A family cruise is perfect for introducing your kids to fascinating landscapes and cultures. In the Mediterranean or Caribbean, explore new horizons during a Club Med all-inclusive family cruise vacation.

Family cruises with Club Med

Embark on a voyage across the Atlantic or Mediterranean, stopping off at the islands and coasts of various different countries. Enjoy amazing family adventures on a cruise with the kids (from 8 years of age).

Aboard the Club Med 2, a majestic five-masted sailboat, all amenities cater to the comfort of families. Carefully designed cabins. Friendly and festive atmosphere. Recreational and relaxation equipment. Everyone can amuse themselves as they please between ports.

Make way for relaxation and culture in the Mediterranean. From the coasts of Spain to the shores of Italy and the isles of Greece, each port is the promise of cultural discovery and moments spent unwinding. In the Caribbean, the beaches and nature amaze children and adults alike. Take family excursions* to explore the beauty of each island. During school vacations, kids can benefit from a number of activities organized by our experienced G.Os®. 

*At extra cost

Embark on a cruise with your children in the Mediterranean

Cruises with children are perfect for discovering amazing coastlines. What could be better than the Mediterranean and its sunny beaches? At each port, Club Med excursions* help develop the curiosity of little explorers. Ancient ruins, historical cities...kids get a first-hand experience of the things they learn about at school. 

To ensure your vacation has its fill of cultural enrichment, choose tours that reflect your child's school curriculum. Greece is a great example. Step ashore on the mythical island of Rhodes or explore Athens and its ancient sites as a family. Also in Greece, visit the Venetian ruins in Heraklion to learn of the city's fascinating past.

*At extra cost

Discovering the most beautiful beaches in Greece

Make the most of a family cruise in the Caribbean

Saint-Barthélemy, the Virgin Islands, Antigua, and the Grenadines. These sunny destinations are little corners of paradise and the stuff that dream vacations are made of. With Club Med, your family can explore the Caribbean Sea during an all-inclusive cruise. 

Head for the water sports center,* your departure point for fun in the water. Dive into a blue lagoon. Try snorkeling and observe life on the ocean floor. Explore tropical forests. Your children will become little Robinson Crusoes! On board, there's fun in store for the whole family. Swimming pool, sports, or relaxation...everyone is free to do as they please. You'll be absolutely amazed when you arrive. Natural treasures await on an unforgettable cruise with your children.

*Available at certain ports only

Check out the best beaches in the Caribbean

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