From the Caribbean to the Maldives, discover the distinct style of our Exclusive Collection spaces

Exclusive Collection spaces are designed with an intelligent combination of comfort, privacy, nature, and sophistication. Club Med works with famous creators and designers to ensure that stays at these high-end destinations are unique. Welcome to your new home.

Designed with comfort in mind

Comfort is one of the top priorities of Club Med designers and architects while conceiving Exclusive Collection accommodations and spaces. 

Make yourself at home in a spacious bedroom with an extra-large bed. Admire the view of the sea or the mountains through your window. Have breakfast on your balcony or patio, or a private garden reserved just for you.

In the Exclusive Collection Space at Club Med Cancún Yucatán in Mexico, slip into the arms of Morpheus in a canopy bed and take a relaxing bath in your tub with a view of the lagoon. At Kani in the Maldives, head to a golden beach or the welcome lounge lined with mattresses overlooking the water. 

Decor that is both intimate and elegant

Step into cozy lounges, sitting rooms, and other sophisticated hideaways in our Exclusive Collection Spaces. Contemporary design and traditional decorations are paired to create luxurious interiors where you feel right at home. 

At Riad, our Exclusive Collection Space in Marrakech, sip a mint tea in a chic and welcoming lounge with filtered light and privacy curtains. Outside, a private swimming pool is available just for you. Palm trees, laurels, and lacquered wood tables and chairs provide for an elegant setting. 

Exclusive Collection Spaces are usually located in a private wing or separate building to ensure intimacy and discretion.

Peek behind the scenes of your next vacation destination

Spaces that blend with nature

A panoramic view of a snow-covered valley or translucent lagoon: spend your best vacation ever in one of our magnificent Exclusive Collection Spaces.

At Finolhu in the Maldives, stretch out above an immaculate white sand beach. Each house on stilts is an eco-friendly nest inspired by its natural surroundings. These innovative and sustainable accommodations run on renewable energy harnessed by 64,000 square feet of self-cleaning solar panels. During your all-inclusive stay at Villas d'Albion in Mauritius, your room overlooks an Eden style garden with multicolored flowers. In the Dominican Republic, Michès Playa Esmeralda opens onto a pristine coastline. At Michès, Caribbean-inspired design and a reforestation program allow Club Med to preserve the site's natural environment. Spend your vacation in the land of your dreams by booking an Exclusive Collection Space.

Discover Michès Playa Esmeralda, the first Club Med Resort with 4 eco-chic boutique villages

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