Earning their first skiing medal is easier than you think with Club Med and the ESF, ESI, or ESS.

At Club Med, we remember how it feels to discover the joy of winter sports and earn our first medals, and we want to pass that on to future generations. We team up with national ski schools and hold award ceremonies for proud children and parents. Overview of available classes

Learning to ski with an expert

Club Med works with national ski schools such as the ESF (in France), which boasts more than 70 years of teaching experience. The ESF offers group ski classes adapted to every age and level, as well as private lessons. Planning a trip to a Club Med Resort in Italy or Switzerland? Your kids will benefit from the same quality of instruction thanks to our partnerships with the ESI and ESS. In Japan and China, our ski instructors are trained by the ESF, while in Canada they are trained by the Canadian national ski school.

With an all-inclusive Club Med package, your kids can graduate from one level to the next at their own pace. From "Birdie" to "Snowflake" and "Gold Star," young ones develop dreams of becoming a champion. At Club Med, kids can discover the joys of powder from the age of 3.**

*At extra cost

**At extra cost and only in certain Club Med Resorts

How does Club Med's partnership with the ESF (French national ski school) benefit me?

Which class is right for my child?

From the age of 3, children can join Petit Club Med®** and be introduced to skiing by instructors. When they're 4, they can start to take lessons with instructors from the national ski school. On the agenda: understanding the basics of downhill skiing and learning how to use the magic carpet lifts. Held in the Snow Garden, these fun lessons provide for learning in a totally safe environment. At the end of the course, children become "Piou Pious" ("Birdies") in France, or the equivalent in non-French-speaking countries.* Their cheeks rosy with joy, they'll be awarded their first medals in the form of a chicklet!

After the age of 5 - and if your child is a beginner - it's the "Teddy Bear"* they'll be aiming for. If they can already slide and do a snowplow stop, they'll receive a "Snowflake."

Next come the "Stars,"* depending on their level. The aim of the 1st Star* course is to teach kids how to keep their skis parallel when turning. At the 2nd Star* level, it's time to tackle the blue runs. For the 3rd Star,* your child can control their balance and speed while skiing down the slope.

*Depending on the country, there may be equivalents to the various levels taught by the ESF.

**At extra cost and only in certain Club Med Resorts

How do I choose ski lessons for older children?

Before they can follow in the footsteps of Olympic champions, kids at Club Med will have to earn three medals. The Bronze Star* is awarded to those who can parallel ski and skid to a stop. Can your child carve and successfully land jumps? If so, they're ready for the Silver Star.* However, the ultimate goal during their ski trip is to win the Freestyle Competition.* If they can slalom and change the rhythm and radius of their turns, then they're ready to move on to the next stage. The Chamois* and the Arrow* are within their reach.

Club Med holds an emotion-packed medal ceremony to end the classes in style. Your children will proudly receive their awards to the sound of applause from the crowd.

*Depending on the country, there may be equivalents to the various levels taught by the ESF.

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