Be perfectly equipped to discover underwater secrets

Hoping to discover hidden treasures below the surface of the most beautiful seas in the world? Discover all our diving equipment. Depending on the type of diving you choose, your equipment may be included in your package or available for rent. Choose a package with equipment included so you can lighten up your suitcases and focus on the pleasure of underwater escapades.

Essential underwater breathing equipment

You'll need special equipment to dive down to the depths and admire the marine life.

To breathe under water, a tank with a suitable valve is essential. The latter regulates the flow of air from the tank according to the depth of the diver. You'll breathe through a primary mouthpiece, while a backup mouthpiece distinguished by its bright yellow color is kept under your right arm.

In warmer water, scuba tanks are made from aluminum. In colder water, they're made from heavier and sturdier stainless steel. Most tanks hold 12 liters of oxygen. People who need more oxygen can opt for a 15-liter tank, while kids' tanks tend to hold 8 liters.

If you sign up for a beginner's course at your Club Med Resort, you'll be taught by a professional PADI diver who will choose your equipment in accordance with your body type and the diving conditions.

Control your buoyancy for a controlled dive

For a successful dive, you'll need to control your buoyancy. To do so, simply inflate the buoyancy compensator on the left side of your chest. This will allow you to be less weighed down by the weights on your belt and achieve the right buoyancy once you are underwater.

You keep rising to the surface? Your buoyancy compensator probably has too much air. This excess air can be expelled via a button on the compensator, allowing you to stay at the required depth.

To make life easier and help you cut down on unnecessary baggage, some Resorts rent out full sets of diving equipment, including dive computers. Phuket, Kani, Columbus Isle, and Punta Cana are some of the Club Med Resorts where you can rent full sets of diving equipment.

Discover which Club Med Resorts offer diving equipment for rent

How to clearly see and move around in marine environments

To snorkel, you'll need a mask, a snorkel, and flippers. During an Open Water Diver Level 1 course with PADI, you'll learn how to fill and empty your mask with water and prevent fogging. 

You'll also learn how to use your flippers without wearing yourself out too quickly. Longer and more rigid flippers are important in dive sites with stronger currents.

When it comes to a wetsuit, its thickness will depend on the temperature of the water. Whether you're in a Mediterranean or tropical Resort, your equipment should be perfectly adapted to the local diving environment.

All you need to know about your first dive

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