Tunisia Vacations

Tunisia Vacations

Tunisia is a country that is modernizing rapidly, yet still maintains a well-preserved cultural heritage. During a Tunisia vacation, you can explore the ancient Phoenician and Roman ruins of Carthage, voyage deep into the Saharan desert or relax on the long stretch of Mediterranean coastline. The Mediterranean Sea also offers calm waters for sailing and various water sports.

Djerba La Fidele

Djerba La Fidele is one of three resorts that Club Med operates in Djerba. This resort is adults-only and offers a vibrant party atmosphere, but the activities include much more than nightlife. Guests have easy access to the beach, with ample opportunities for kite-surfing, sailing, swimming and relaxing.

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Djerba La Douce

Families with young children will find something for everyone at Djerba La Douce. The resort offers traditional comforts at the Hotel Calypso, a children’s club for the youngsters and a health spa where grown-ups can relax and rejuvenate

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Hammamet is a coastal resort on the mainland of Tunisia that offers easy access to beautiful beaches. While staying at this Moorish-style hotel, guests can relax on the white sands of the coast, enjoy a round of golf at one of three 18-hole courses or explore the ancient ruins of Carthage on camelback for the day.

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