Travel update

Travel update


August 1, 2014

Tropical Storm Bertha - Update #1

Tropical storm Bertha is currently 20 miles northwest of Martinique with maximum sustained winds of 50mph, with little strengthening expected. According to the National Hurricane Center, a tropical storm warning is in effect for the area encompassing our resort of Buccaneer’s Creek, Martinique and a tropical storm watch is in effect for the area encompassing our resort of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Columbus Isle, Bahamas and Turkoise, Turks and Caicos. We are closely monitoring this storm and our teams in the US, Canada and Europe, along with our operations team in the resorts we are working to ensure that our guests are not only safe, but minimally impacted during the passing of Tropical Storm Bertha. The safety, security and well-being of our guests and staff are always, and remains, the highest priority in every situation.

We have the following policies in place for our guests impacted by this storm.

Guests scheduled to travel
Guests scheduled to arrive should remain in contact with their air carrier for up to date flight information. All of our resorts remain open and ready to welcome our guests; however, if there is a flight cancellation due to Tropical Storm Bertha our guests are covered by a basic travel insurance policy, which is included as a benefit of their membership. Should they be unable to travel, we would advise them to contact CSA Travel Insurance for details on their policy and coverage.

Guests currently traveling, unable to depart
Should guests be unable to depart our resort as scheduled due to flight cancellations, we do provide the following for our guests based on their individual booking.

Guests who booked an air inclusive package with us may remain at the resort free of charge.
Guests who booked only their land stay with us will be able to remain at the resort for a nightly rate equivalent to 50% of our local nightly rate.

We will continue to closely monitor Tropical Storm Bertha over the coming days and provide you with as much information as we have available.





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