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South America Vacations

South America Vacations

There are many reasons to visit South America, from the exotic species of plants and animals to the endless miles of rainforests and mountain ranges to the relics of ancient civilizations. The natural world intermingles with bustling modern cities and old-world traditions. You will still find strong evidence of Portuguese and Spanish influences in the modern South American cities, yet tribes that have never been contacted by modern civilization thrive in the depths of the rainforest. Home to the Amazon River and Rainforest, Andes Mountains and Angel Mountains of Venezuela, South America is truly a testament to nature’s wonders.

Brazil Vacations

As the largest South American country, Brazil is also the continent’s most popular tourist destination. Although the big cities hold most of Brazil’s population, there is still a great deal of untouched wilderness to explore. Some of the tribes that live deep in the Amazon have never even had contact with modern society. Brazil is a magnet for partygoers, especially in Rio de Janeiro during the annual Carnival celebration, but there is so much more to this country than revelry and merrymaking. The tropical beaches, vibrant music, passionate culture and fascinating flora and fauna are all major attractions as well. amba music, and colourful public occasions make Brazil’s densely populated cities come alive, while tropical beaches pepper the country’s Atlantic coast. In the Amazon Rainforest meanwhile, vast areas remain undiscovered and unexplored, adding an element of mystery to the country’s joyful atmosphere. In recent years Brazil has become a popular tourist destination and after a visit to the resorts of Trancoso on the east coast and Itaparica on the island of the same name it’s easy to see why.

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