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Our Resorts by Region

With year-round sunshine, it’s always the perfect time for a Caribbean vacation.

Whether you’re looking for majestic scenery, wildlife, an exotic culture or a relaxing all inclusive vacation, you’ll find it in the Caribbean.

A world of history, culture and beauty await you in Asia.
From Indonesian beaches to the snowy Himalayan Mountains to the colorful lifestyle of Thailand, Asia is like nowhere else in the world.

From the desert to the jungle, Africa is a land of beautiful contrasts. Discover a continent where deserts and jungles, savannahs and cities meet. Scenery, wildlife, and culture make up an Africa vacation.

The “New World” of North and Central America is a land of exploration and possibility. This sprawling region, bound by two great oceans, spans Canadian glaciers and the legacies of the Mesoamerican civilizations.

Find everything from medieval cobblestone streets to fabulous beaches in Europe. You can have it all on a Europe vacation – historical sites, city centers, world-famous museums and much more.

Experience a diverse span of ecosystems including rainforests, mountains, beaches and plateaus. Explore the biodiversity of South America, where new species of animals and plants are still being discovered.

The waters between Australasia and Africa lie ahead. Thousands of islands pepper the Indian Ocean around the equator, where you can get lost in a paradise far from civilization.

Whether you travel to Switzerland, France or Italy, the Alps is one of the best winter destination for ski vacations. And in the summer time, the mountains means fabulous fresh air, vast open spaces and strong sensations.




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