Our Cruises

Our Cruises

A majestic 5-masted ship that sails the Mediterranean in summer, and the Caribbean in winter, now with 5-Trident* status, offering even higher quality services. Between cultural stopovers and heavenly scenery, a cruise is an enchanted mom

The Club Med 2 sailing ship

Sailing and travel journals are the inspiration behind the decor of the Pacific lounge and the Magellan restaurant, with its amber tones dedicated to seafaring tales. The elegance of the cabins and Suites is an open invitation to take it easy while the Moby Dick bar has an amazing whale’s tail that stretches out to the dance floor. A friendly, intimate ambience envelops passengers in a cocoon of well-being, to the delight of happy couples.

Look for your cruise

Stopover in the Mediterranean cities, sail through sparkling turquoise waters, discover the French West Indies and the Caribbean. Discover our cruises and join us on board the Club Med 2.




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