Martinique Vacations

Martinique Vacations

Martinique offers a distinct glimpse of the Caribbean you won’t find anywhere else. Of course you’ll find sun and fun on the coasts, but a short trip inland offers lush forests, mountains and volcanoes, including the legendary volcanic peak of Mount Pelee. Martinique is one of France’s overseas regions and is popular with European vacationers. The culture is a diverse blend of African, Creole and French, and the cuisine and language have developed from these influences to form a style that is completely unique. With tropical wildlife, relaxing retreats and colorful traditions, it’s a place like no other.

Les Boucaniers

The resort of Les Boucaniers is located on the laid-back beach-covered south coast of the island, and is perfectly placed for Martinique vacations that are both relaxing and awe-inspiring. With its own tropical garden and three beaches, Les Boucaniers has everything that anyone seeking a sunshine break could want. At the resort’s spa meanwhile, guests can indulge themselves with a variety of soul-soothing health, beauty and relaxation treatments during the quiet moments of their Martinique vacations.

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