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Luxury All Inclusive Resorts in Africa

Luxury All Inclusive Resorts in Africa

Africa is a wide-ranging continent that encompasses seemingly endless national parks, ancient historic sites and bustling capital cities. Many visitors come to explore the arid landscapes of the Kalihara and Sahara deserts, while others are drawn to the jungles and savannah. The fascinating culture and exciting wildlife are just the beginning when you visit Africa.

Egypt Vacations

Egypt is a land of rich history and intrigue in northeast Africa, bordering Asia via a land bridge. You will find numerous wonders of the world in this ancient nation, including the Sphinx, the River Nile and the Great Pyramids. Monuments of the legendary ancient Egyptian civilization are a stone’s throw from bustling modern cities where a new culture has emerged. Whether you’re looking for the most amazing historical sites, adventurous water sports in the Mediterranean and Red Sea or unique shopping and entertainment during an all inclusive vacation, you’ll find it on your Egypt vacation.

Luxury Egypt Vacations

Morocco Vacations

Morocco is a North African nation with eastern, Spanish and French influences blending to create a completely unique culture. The indigenous Berbers live alongside Arabs and other peoples, and every community from the southern fringes of the Saharan desert to the northern peaks of the High Atlas Mountains has traditions of its own. Morocco is known for vibrant souk markets in the cities, tranquil Berber villages in the mountains and seemingly endless desert dunes. You can be relaxing over mint tea one moment, and taking an adventurous camel-ride the next. There is much to discover during a Morocco vacation.

Luxury Morocco Vacations

Senegal Vacations

Senegal is a beautiful democratic nation on the west coast of Africa. This former French colony is rich with national parks, vivid landscapes, multifaceted culture, musical heritage and much more. The national parks of Senegal attract many vacationers for wildlife that includes everything from elephants and lions to flamingos and dolphins, along with many other creatures from the animal kingdom in their natural habitats. The Atlantic coast of Senegal is also an ideal destination for scuba diving and other water sports. In contrast, the city of Dakar is a bustling modern metropolis that serves as the end point of the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Luxury Senegal Vacations

Tunisia Vacations

You will never forget your Tunisia vacation. Although the country is quickly modernizing, the well-preserved cultural heritage of this region is also alive and well. There is a world of natural wonders to explore in Tunisia, including miles of Mediterranean beaches, Saharan desert dunes and the ancient ruins of Carthage. The sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea are popular for sailing and other water activities, while the historic Phoenician and Roman ruins attract many visitors as monuments to these great civilizations. Tunisia has something for almost any visitor.

Luxury Tunisia Vacations




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