Japan Vacations

Japan Vacations

A Japan vacation can take you from some of the largest modern cities in the world to some of the most quiet and peaceful natural landscapes, all in the same day. This Asian nation is made up of numerous large islands and peninsulas, where ancient history and contemporary culture meet. The legendary hospitality, rich culture, ancient traditions, exotic cuisine, world-class shopping and majestic beauty of Japan’s countryside will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed after you take the plunge and decide to visit the land of the rising sun.


The resort of Kabira is situated on the Ishigaki peninsula within a protected marine reserve. The area has a number of award winning dive spots, and features a scuba diving academy suitable for beginners and experienced divers. There are 15 diving locations to choose from, all teeming with a bewildering array of marine life, such as manta rays and coral reefs.

Luxury Vacations in Kabira


Sahoro, in Hokkaido, is located in a similarly beautiful and protected natural environment. Ideal for those with a passion for long walks in the countryside, the resort’s Walking and Hiking Academy offers a range of exhilarating accompanied hikes. Guests can also experience the land of the rising sun on a guided mountain biking excursion.

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