Italy Vacations

Italy Vacations

Italy has it all – world-renowned food, revered ruins of the Roman Empire, religious sites, magnificent Mediterranean beaches and a famously fashionable contemporary culture. Whether you visit the charming canals of Venice, the active capital city of Rome, the fashion capital of Milan or any other Italian city, you’ll find an unforgettable world where modernity and ancient history intermingle. From arts and culture to fine dining and wine tasting to historic sightseeing, you’ll never forget your Italy vacation.


In the Calabria region of Southern Italy, visitors can enjoy a wealth of natural beauty from their base at the Napitia resort. Amidst 10 hectares of lush pine forest, Mediterranean gardens and a magnificent beach, Napitia is a haven of relaxation away from the notoriously noisy major cities of Italy.

All inclusive vacations in Napitia

Pragelato Vialattea

Located in Italy's Piemont region at an altitude of 5250 feet, in a beautiful preserved site, Club Med Pragelatto Vialattea resort welcomes families with young children in its charming chalets, that promises a wonderful summer in the moutains.

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