Italy Ski Vacations

Italy Ski Vacations

The Italian Alps are home to some of the best locations for skiing in the world. With the peaks of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc as a backdrop, the Alps are like the Promised Land for skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts.

During your Italy vacation in the Alps, you will enjoy hundreds of miles of skiing slopes and easy access to the charming countryside surrounding this mountainous region. Beginning and intermediate skiers can enjoy the more manageable slopes in the Italian Alps, but advanced skiers will find an abundance of challenging terrain to explore, as well.


Cervinia is a family-friendly resort location in the Aosta valley. This all-inclusive vacation destination features a wide range of slopes for skiing and snowboarding with Mount Cervino, known in German as “the Matterhorn,” looming in the distance. Mount Cervino is one of the tallest peaks in the Alps, standing at an astonishing 14,764 feet and known for its rocky summit and sheer faces surrounding the peak. If you want to ski in Italy, this is simply the place to be.

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